Welcome to Healthy Hustle Group Coaching

Coaches, listen up:

It’s time to say NO to:
The struggle
The fear
The confusion

And say YES to:
Business confidence
Sold-out programs
Solid profits

Four weeks of accountability, massive action, editorial & launch planning, social media screen shares, copywriting tips for marketing your services, and building your list 101 with a step by step plan to get your business off the ground for 2016.


With Healthy Hustle Business Group Coaching,  you will jump start your business and level up your success with …

The perfect business tools
A strategic success plan
A KICK ASS community


11 Day Rockin' Detox by Rachel Feldman

Are you tired of FEELING alone with your dreams?

Need support planning 2016 for your business and a coach to kick your ASS when you feel like you need it?

Are you overwhelmed with the never-ending to-do list that seems to get longer by the day?

Do you crave a KICK ASS community to help you #HUSTLE?

It is time to trade the confusion for the #healthyhustle.

If you think you’ve played this game
think again, cause’ the healthy hustle business group coaching is brand spankin’ new.

+ 4 Interactive Classes (30 Mins) plus BREAKOUT Hot Seat Coaching Calls

+ Classes hosted by me and my #healthyhustle side chick, Michelle Wisdom Ellis

+ Exclusive Interactive Group Coaching (LIVE Q+A)

Are you sick of working alone, and yearn for a supportive community of health professionals who can inspire and spur you into action?

It’s time to:
Get support cause’ we cannot #healthyhustle alone

It’s time to:
Create your editorial calendar, launch plan, craft your newsletters, blogs, email marketing and social media with me and my #healthyhustle PRO, Michelle

It’s time to:
Join a #healthyhustle Community and fly like a rockstar

We are mompreneurs, and we built our businesses from the ground up. I am a 6 figure health and business coach. I run my thriving business loaded with clients – both online and offline. PLUS I support coaches (6,000+ to date) with Done For You programs and teach them how to LAUNCH and BUILD their businesses.

Michelle is a master at social media, copywriting and knows everything a successful entrepreneur needs to know when it comes to launching, tech, and organization.

BUT, you have not heard the sweetest part? The healthy hustle will only cost you $179, less than the cost of working with me for ONE HOUR my friends. This is an investment you won’t regret.

Get ready to KICK your Business into HIGH GEAR, baby!

Hey! I’m Rachel Feldman, but you can call me rachall my friends and clients do.

I call this the Heathy Hustle for a reason.

I remember feeling nervous about coaching and running a business SOLO.

I was confused on what to give my clients the first time we met face to face or spoke on the phone. I was overwhelmed by the technology — I had no idea how to use Dropbox or MailChimp or any of the other marketing tools we’re told about in school.

I spent a lot of time in trial and error, trying to figure out what worked. Finally, I figured it out.

Now, I’ve worked with more than 6,000 coaches, hundreds of clients, and have given lectures all over Florida (including teaching at the world-famous Hippocrates Health Institute for two years about how to build a business from the ground up).

I created this group business coaching experience because I am giving you the opportunity to get the support you need to thrive and hustle in a healthy way. (without breaking the bank!)

So, why have I started group coaching?

Success only happens when we have accountability. After running forums, masterminds and boot camps, I realized coaches needed a place where they could take action in a group setting and not just learn the step-by-step. Instead, you will be DOING the step-by-step each week.

There are so many moving parts to launching a program and your business – you NEED a system and support, which is why group coaching will propel your business. Grab your seat for only $179. Limited time offer.

Are you ready to skyrocket your business in just four weeks?

What would a fully loaded calendar of PAYING clients mean to you?

I don’t just teach business — I’m also a full-time, practicing health coach.

I have worked with coaches who have spent more than $70,000, and STILL weren’t coaching, and coaches who have LOTS of certifications and credentials and they, too, weren’t coaching. I helped these coaches to break out of that stuck pattern.

And now I am opening the doors of my business to do the same for YOU.

Are you ready to see a MAJOR difference in your business?

You’re in the right place. So keep reading.

It’s time to plan your launch like the pro you are.

Let’s take it to the next level alongside a phenomenal group of fellow coaches on the same path as you.


ValerieValerie Mainridge

Once again Rachel has over delivered

“Rachel is absolutely wonderful. She has a wealth of health coaching and business knowledge that she openly shares with her own unique flare. I joined the Healthy Hustle for accountability and support and once again Rachel has over delivered. I now have a detailed plan to launch my coaching program and all of the support to break through my own limiting beliefs to take my next steps into becoming the Health Coach that I want to be. Thank you Rachel! ”

Valerie Mainridge

Why Group Coaching?

We need support. Bottom line. I only hustle because I have support, and now I am here to make this happen for you.

I learned how to build my business from the ground up, without a fancy designer website, without knowing how to master even sending out a newsletter, and I learned everything I needed to know to take my business from ground level income (13k in my first year) to the successful business it is today.

I learned exactly what to do, and what not to do, and so – I created this program to teach motivated entrepreneurs to launch their business into a success.

I teach coaches how to nail down their niche and master their message.

I will teach you the basics, along with the help of my Pro Sidechick Michelle. You need the BASICS because you cannot sell a program or build without a PLAN – editorial, social media and all.

Not only did my clients experience amazing results, but I was able to work with more people. Even better, the program I developed got me massive exposure in the media and opened doors for me local gyms and rad healthy juice joints.

Craving Support?

Then Group Coaching is for you.


You get the support you need to build the business you deserve, access to four weekly group coaching calls, an exclusive private Facebook forum, and business tools to make your coaching business an enormous success.


You get four weeks of group coaching for only $179

  • An editorial calendar, so we can help you plan your social media, events, and blog posts – LIVE
  • A Launch calendar, so we can plan your entire 2016 for your business. (we help you plan this baby via screen share)
  • 4 PDF’s of cheat sheets, loaded with the info you need to master social media, a launch checklist, how to market with great subject lines for newsletters and using your program in your Work with Me plus more…
  • 4 classes LIVE plus you get the video recording and the PDF of the webinar – SWEET!
  • Break out sessions with LIVE Hot Seats for a more intimate learning experience
  • NEW PowerPoint to help you launch a webinar and promote your programs and services with a clear strategy
  • A Healthy History Form to use with your clients
  • PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED OPT IN FREEBIE to help you build your list and get more clients
  • ByeByeBellyBloat_3DPlus, exclusive access to the private Facebook forum loaded with Handouts, Pictures, and Tools for you.

Group Coaching is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Jump start your business and go into 2016 with a plan to help you SUCCEED
  • Offer MORE than a 6-month model and learn how to make money with a single session, month to month or a 3-month model
  • Need, Desire and Want a place to mastermind, plan and secure your launch plan
  • Desire a place where you can ask questions about my health coaching practice
  • Learn key subject lines for your email newsletters and social media
  • Immerse yourself in an incredible, supportive community of like-minded coaches who are living and working in your shoes
  • Need a Professionally designed OPT IN FREEBIE + A PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED Powerpoint
  • An impressive Health History Form to use with your clients

The course was such a godsend!

“I came across Rachel’s website through, and IIN group conversation and I’m very glad I did. I’m a licensed Naturopath and graduate from IIN 2014. Using food as medicine is such a powerful tool and Rachel makes it so easy to apply. The clean eating and detox programs are fantastic. They set out the how to create beautiful programs this without the stress of wondering if it will work, and the support has been fantastic. I also went on the participate in the Detox Mastermind + Biz Bootcamp program, which has opened up so many new avenues for my practice. Rachel is an amazing source of knowledge and so willing to support everyone. I can highly recommend this program to anyone starting out, and also those with an established business, as there is always more to learn in this dynamic industry.”

Caroline Wallace

Welcome to your one-stop solution.

4 Weeks of Mentorship in Launching, Detox, Social Media, Mastering your Programs and your 1:1 Business

The perfect way to gain the confidence you need to support your business to grow.


Why is the #HealthyHustle for you?

Let me walk you through each week.

Week 1: The Launch Plan

  • Get crystal clear on your dates, prices, and your 2016 launch.
  • Master your Group or DIY launch and define and track all the moving pieces.
  • In-depth strategy plan for opt-in freebies, webinars, and pre-marketing
  • Create your editorial calendar via screen share with Rachel and Michelle.
  • Learn how to work Mailchimp like a PRO with your OPT IN FREEBIE and for WEBINARS
  • Learn how to add your opt-in freebie to your blog and Facebook.
  • Master your Launch and have an EFFECTIVE launch plan for 2016.

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Week 2: Social Media Madness

  • Learn how to schedule your social media in an efficient way.
  • Learn how to BLAST EVENTS on Facebook and BOOST posts to market like a PRO
  • Identify key subject titles for email marketing. We give you PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN subject lines to give you BETTER OPEN RATES.
  • Create EFFECTIVE tweets and EYE-APPEALING social media posts for Facebook (we will provide ones for you).
  • Pinpoint the basics of a launch — scheduling, due dates, with a done-for-you template to take the thinking out of planning.
  • Get familiar with your social media platforms – Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!
  • Get 15 Subject lines (guaranteed to have people open), tweets, and Facebook templates for marketing
  • Screenshare on how to schedule social media on, directly from Facebook, and master your marketing message {PLUS SNEAK PEEK INTO THE ALL NEW MEET EDGAR PLATFORM THAT WE BOTH USE!}

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Week 3: Master your Message

  • Learn how to use your programs online and offline PLUS SIMPLE key strategies for promoting your program.
  • Learn how to revamp your Work with Me to include your Signature Program or offerings
  • Learn how to DETOX YOUR WEBSITE!!! Learn what works and what doesn’t!!!
  • Learn how to create an INTERNET BUZZ and drip out content.
  • Learn how to tie your programs into your Work with Me.
  • Learn how to an online challenge THAT MAKES CONVERTING EASY
  • Screenshare on how to create a Facebook group and EVENT. Turn Facebook into YOUR marketing machine.
  • Learn how to host webinars and use Google hangout with your NEW PowerPoint

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Week 4: Client Support 101

  • Learn how to use the elimination diet and detox with your clients.
  • Learn how to TEACH and COACH using MY approaches that I have used with HUNDREDS of clients.
  • Learn how to NAIL Health Histories and CONVERT potential clients into PAYING clients.
  • Learn how to tap into the EXPERT that you already are!
  • Learn how to offer 30-minute post strategy calls to convert clients to your next program.
  • Q&A with me – ask away!

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PLUS, you’ll get access to:

  • 4 solids weeks of our Healthy Hustle Group Coaching private Facebook forum, where you’ll get support 24/7 from me, Michelle, & your peers
  • The weekly classes delivered right to your inbox with action steps, just in case you cannot make class
  • A weekly coaching class to take you by the hand and go through all course materials
  • Weekly Recordings from our calls, so you CAN LEARN OVER AND OVER and refer back to as needed
  • My SECRET Top Suggested Reading Materials (a must for every coach)
  • Exclusive business tools added to the forum weekly!
  • The PDF of your Modules covering topics I have learned from a lifetime of experiences, one nutrition school, and three detox schools


Heather LarsonHeather Larson

Thank you to you for allowing quick possibilities to spread the important word about what we do.

“I am a brand new health coach, working on my first half dozen clients and wasn’t sure how to get started and my work out to more people. I did the Fall clean eating through the other coach and decided that I would purchase for my own business to start the word buzzing after being so happy with the changes within me. I had 32 people sign up for my first group and am running my second one in December with 10 already and more to go. In addition, I was able to connect with another member of a fitness community who needed a nutrition piece for her program so we are putting a third group together for 28 of her individuals (connections I wouldn’t even have without having this source to promote my business). Thank you to you for allowing quick possibilities to spread the important word about what we do and with the immediate successes of so many, create the ripple effect a new business needs. I’m blessed and in awe at how much is unfolding from the effort that I put into using the program to change lives. Thank you.”

Heather Larson

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KimberlyKimberly Crisafulli-Ivey
The Mad Oiler

I sold 530 detox packages in 7 days and landed tons of oil clients!

“2015 is truly going to be the year I have dreamed of. I was struggling with all the different paths that I have in my ventures for growing my wellness business. I have managed to purchase so many different products out there to help me grow my business, software to run my business, how to’s to help me succeed in my business and last self help to survive all the above.

I purchased the ”Rockstar” I was hesitant as I have depleted my savings in all my quests to help facilitate my success. I had an opportunity to partake in a webinar the beginning of the year and listen to Rachel talk about creating a BAD-ASS Business. I was inspired how I could resonate and connect with Rachel and her story. I was literally at a breaking point. Life challenges, health challenges were events that were taking my life and my family to a point of bankruptcy. I took one last plunge and purchased her business in the box “Rockstar” after contemplating an mulling the pro’s and con’s over in my head. 48 hours later, 3 hours of sleep since I purchased it, I launched it and I sold 17 detox packages and landed 17 clients from one essential oil event. It took me a total of 7 days to reach 102 detoxes sold. To date I have sold over 530+ just this season. I was at my wits end and so close but, yet so far away in marketing and taking the next step for my business.

In 48 hours, I not only took the next step but, I shifted in my business and did the one thing that meant the most to me. I believed in me enough to believe in someone else and share that belief with another. My passion and purpose has been served. I am so grateful to Rachel Feldman. Thank you for taking all your experience and packaging it into a bundle so that others could learn to help others and not just let another day pass wishing we could help someone.

Much Love and Many Blessings.”

Kimberly Crisafulli-Ivey

It’s time to stop playing small.

Get the tools and support you need to ditch the confusion and step into action.

First Class: Sunday, January 31st, 2016 7 PM EST
Second Class: Sunday, February 7th, 2016 7 PM EST
Third Class: Monday, February 15th, 2016 7 PM EST
Fourth Class: Sunday, February 21st, 2016 7 PM EST


Enrollment Happens NOW.

I’m offering this Group Coaching at a very special discount for coaches who want to play big and learn the #healthyhustle. Are you ready to roll VIP and bundle up to JUMP START your biz? Say, yes!

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Please select a payment option below


Healthy Hustle Group Coaching

Full Pay



Healthy Hustle Group Coaching

Payment Plan Option

$60/mo for three months*

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I am no different than you.

THE REALITY: I built my business on the floor while raising two babies. Seriously.

After my husband and I lost everything – and I mean EVERYTHING – in the stock market, I started blogging with a no bells and whistles website, and I built a huge following.

My heart & soul fueled my business – not my bank account.

I invested in myself. I refused to fail. I kept at it until I finally started seeing results. And I’m still at it today. I use the detox, the weight loss program, the Paleo program and Revitalize as the foundation for my empire (online and offline). These programs gave me exposure and visibility.

I never stopped. And, yes I have a different website but…

The day-to-day things I did almost five years ago are the EXACT same things I do today, and they’ve helped me:

  • Transform my small coaching business into a killer business
  • Land speaking gigs from multiple global health summits
  • Have multiple streams of income – passive income, online and offline programs
  • Teach online weight loss programs for local gyms 
  • Receive a dream invite to teach at the Hippocrates Health Institute season after season
  • Teach at the Raw Food Institute
  • Write for Local and National Magazines (online and offline)

I promise, you sign up and will learn to #healthyhustle. It will be worth it.

So who am I and what makes me qualified?

I’m a detox specialist – and I’ve got three certifications and an Institute for Integrative Nutrition diploma to prove it.

My fellow coaches, you do amazing work. I struggled for years to get my business off the ground – and I want to give you everything you need, so that that doesn’t have to be YOUR story, too.

Your time is now, don’t wait!

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One of the best decisions I made was to join Rachel’s mastermind program.

“One of the best decisions I made was to join Rachel’s mastermind program. It brought such clarity, and provided a wealth of information, giving me the confidence to face any question the client had either during a detox or one on one. I don’t have all the answers, and sometimes finding good sources of information or finding the right words to define or explain a concept can be difficult. Rachel has done all the work for you – she not only explains what a detox is from A-Z, gives you ideas on how to customize your detox, provides resources, but also explains what to do when you have that client who is sick with a chronic disease. I felt so empowered by her mastermind –really, it took my knowledge to a whole new level of expertise.”

Annette Shellenbarger, RN, PHN

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The clean eating and detox programs are fantastic.

“The clean eating and detox programs are fantastic. They set out the how to create beautiful programs this without the stress of wondering if it will work, and the support has been fantastic. I also went on the participate in the Detox Mastermind + Biz Bootcamp program, which has opened up so many new avenues for my practice. Rachel is an amazing source of knowledge and so willing to support everyone. I can highly recommend this program to anyone starting out, and also those with an established business, as there is always more to learn in this dynamic industry.”

Caroline Wallace

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The course was such a godsend!

“The course was such a god-send! Rachel was incredible as a coach and mentor during the 8-weeks of the Detox Mastermind course. She really motivated me to get out and just go for it. I gained knowledge not only about how to run a detox and help my clients but also how to build my business and get my message out. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to get their business off the ground or even to the next level.”

Jessica Gunst, Health Coach and Personal Trainer

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I am beyond thrilled with the incredible value of this group.

“Rachel’s authentic selflessness in sharing her knowledge has brought me to tears! Not only did I gain valuable tips and information for my patients and clients I was able to utilize some of the things I learned for myself and my family. I am beyond thrilled with the incredible value of this group. I would not hesitate to join again.”

Nicole Tatro, MSPT, PBP, PEP, CHC

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