Age Defying Detox Basic & Rockstar™

Helping your clients Defy Aging

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age defying Basic & Rockstar Detox Summer Done For You Programs for Health Coaches

Based on the teachings of Liz Lipski, John Douillard, Anne Louise Gittleman, Alejandro Junger,  and other leading experts. Detox and Cleanse:  delivers inner and outer beauty to your clients and a rejuvenated business to you.

This season is epic. We added beauty foods, Age Defying Secrets and ways to beautify your body through gut health. This done for you detox/clean eating program is the perfect foundational program for your health coaching business.

The perfect compliment for any coach specializing in hormones, allergy elimination, beauty, age defying or skin health. We gave you tons of bonus materials like the Foods for Beauty Guide to enhance your clients experience plus you have the OPPORTUNITY to market this program in 3 ways (scroll down to read the deets).

…a program you can use to build your business from the ground up, rebrand, or flesh out that sales funnel you’ve been working on.

…a program that lays the framework on where you can build a strong, successful health coaching practice with clients lined up at the door.

We’ve got everything you need with the summer done for you program: detox or clean eating program.



This program is allergy-friendly, gluten-free, and ideal for any client to help them improve digestive wellness, improve and boost immunity, so your client can naturally lose 5-10 pounds of toxic waste.

These Done-For-You Programs are right for you if…

  • You are a brand-new coach, fresh out of school, and you need a program of substance to offer your clients.
  • You are a health professional who wants to build their business on a solid foundation of valuable, niche-specific programs, and offer more than just two sessions and two handouts in any given month.
  • You are a seasoned coach who’s been around the block, have a few launches under your belt, and now you’re ready for time-saving tools so that you can coach more and work the back-end a whole lot less.
  • You are a coach who wants to rebrand, make a name for yourself, and stand out in your industry using niche-specific programs that attract potential clients like a magnet.

These Done-For-You Programs will save you…

  • Stress: You were born to coach and pursue your dreams and that doesn’t include sitting in front of your computer trying to work every single aspect of your business all by yourself. The stress of creating and writing hundreds of pages just isn’t where you need to put your energy when you have clients waiting to be coached.
  • Time: Whether you’re working a 9 to 5 or raising kids, time is of the essence. You can’t possibly clone yourself, and the startup funds to hire a full blown team to do it for you just isn’t there. These Done-For-You Programs will give you more time the minute you say yes to more freedom in your business and choose the niche-specific program of your dreams. One program guide takes 100 hours to complete – imagine what it takes to create the entire program.
  • Money: Let’s talk cash, coach. The value of these programs begin at 8k and end in the ballpark of 30k to create just one. From the program guides to the recipes, sales pages to written emails, social media images to newsletters, and so much more. Why get into a heap of debt when you can get your business rolling in the dough for anywhere between $167-$2,812? Easy pick, isn’t it?

You need a program that solves your client's problems.

One that

  • gives your clients a simple solution to even the most complex concerns
  • provides them the info they need to trust you along the way
  • offers different price points that suit their budget

You need a program that solves your CEO problems.

One that

  • saves you endless amounts of time because all the hard work is done for you
  • helps you build authority and visibility online and offline
  • gives you more time, more clients, and more money

Making it easy to sell, sell, sell.

age defying Detox Basic + Rockstar™

You Get Everything In Basic

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Rock Your Business

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This season we added more information about age defying secrets, beauty foods and ways your client can defying age from the inside-out. This Age Defying Detox™ is different. We are still basing the detox on the elimination diet. Too often OUR CLIENTS are eating foods that are wreaking havoc on their bodies, and they don’t even know it. This detox will always be based on seasonal eating. This detox NOW has tons of information on foods for skin health, beauty and even face masks to help your client glow and defying age naturally.

Our recipes are full of flavor and designed to help your clients feel and look younger from the inside out.

It's different from run-of-the-mill restrictive programs where your clients only eat raw foods, only drink juices or drink shakes.

The Only Way to Properly Detox is WITH THE SEASONS.

You can use this program as more than just a detox with your clients. It's a sugar cleanse, a weight loss jump start, hormonal reset, anti-aging reset, digestive wellness jumpstart, or clean eating reset.

This program is perfect for cooking workshops, healthy food shopping tours, VIP days, private 1:1 coaching, group programs (online and offline) or your signature program. Whatever your practice needs, the Detox™ delivers.

I started out as a health client in 2011 and worked with Rach for 4 months to lose 15 pounds!! Then when I graduated from IIN, I started Fearful to Fit and purchased Rach's DFY programs. From just this year, I sold 20 summer detoxes and made $1660, then on a whim, sold 11 paleo detoxes and made $917 for a grand total of $2,577!! I followed the advice and suggestions, put my own spin on it and voila! Can't wait to offer more in 2018!
JJ Muenz
Health Coach

Introducing our Premium Age Defying Detox Programs:

Detox Basic™

Your Foundation

CLICK HERE for Payment Plan 3 x $63

Detox Rockstar™

Your Foundation + Marketing System

CLICK HERE for Payment Plan 3 x $133

Created exclusively for health coaches in need of a done-for-you, customizable detox and clean eating program to help you make a ridiculous amount of money in business.

Based on the teachings of Liz Lipski, John Douillard, Anne Louise Gittleman, Alejandro Junger, and other leading experts, Detox™ delivers inner and outer beauty to your clients and a rejuvenated business to you.

The Health Coach Done For You Seasonal Detox is:

  • A do-able elimination plan tailored for the average or sensitive client
  • Based on the seasonal food list created by John Doulliard

Buy it. Brand it. Launch it.

Imagine waking up tomorrow with a done for your business, locked, loaded, and ready to roll with:

  1. Professionally created recipes, ebooks, guides, emails, newsletters, and informational handouts you can give your clients for immediate results?
  2. Copyright-free programs you can customize however you want to improve your client’s health.
  3. Change the covers, edit to make them sound like you, brand, personalize, slap your beautiful brand on them, and put them to work.

You don’t have to waste countless hours researching material, tasting recipes, creating suggested meals, and writing hundreds of pages on detox and clean eating.

We did it for you.

You don't have a full team of copywriters, editors, marketing experts, graphic designers, and chefs working with you. At least, not until NOW.

No need to reinvent the wheel - we've done all the writing, editing, researching, revising, customizing, testing, illustrating, photographing, and designing for you.

Launch instantly.

All Brand New Content

Get ready to help your clients rejuvenate and build healthier lifestyles with:

  • Opt-in freebies to grow your list
  • Recipes to keep your clients satisfied
  • Presentations to give you the tools to launch a knockout class
  • Coaching manuals, so you know exactly what to do and say
  • Handouts to add value to your client’s experience
  • …and SO MUCH MORE

These detox and clean eating programs are cleaning more than your clients’ pantries, coach. They're LOADED with life-changing well-researched, time-saving, unique content that gives REAL RESULTS like weight loss, beautiful skin, more energy, and more.

Your clients are looking for the fountain of youth. They want to look great, feel better, and find out how the right foods can up their energy levels while helping them shed a few pounds. Many have tried yo-yo diets, worked out too hard with little to show for it, or chronically over or under-eat. These habits can wreak havoc on internal organs and age them physically and mentally.

Starting from a solid mental and spiritual base makes a HUGE impact on wellness. Choosing the right seasonal foods and focusing on better habits works wonders. Lower cortisol levels, higher energy levels – there are lots of ways we benefit when we keep our mental house clean.

It’s time to show your clients the anti-aging secrets and the power of whole foods.

Ready for a holistic, COPYRIGHT-FREE program that tackles ALL of your client’s detox and clean eating needs?

This is it.

Listen up.

You’ve put in the work to get certified as a health coach. You know what your clients need, and you know how to give it to them. But you’re also drowning in the tasks of running your business. No matter how many programs you buy, there’s always something missing. You need to get down to the basics. Seasonal eating and seasonal detoxes are the answer.

You can’t help your clients until you help yourself. You NEED a time-saving program.

  • Isn’t it time you had the chance to work with your clients, give talks at global health summits, and spend time doing the work you love?
  • When’s the last time you spent the day with your family and focused on your personal relationships instead of your business?
  • How often do you catch yourself peeking at your phone when you head out, or worse, answering messages from clients when you’re supposedly taking a break for some much-needed you time?
  • Wouldn’t you love to finally charge what you’re worth and have the perfect, professional materials to back you up?

Having a done for you program, you can edit, personalize, brand, and launch immediately is the answer. Access to the done for you images and programs and a strong and supportive community that’s there 24/7 for you is what delivers personal and financial freedom.

When you started your health coach practice, did you dream about struggling to find paying clients, getting frustrated with social media and tearing your hair out with tech?

I bet what you really wanted was to consistently grow your list, create reliable health plans for your clients and watch the dollars roll in every time you launched a new program.

You needed a ready-made detox program, personal handouts, and suggested meals, so you weren’t starting from square one with every client.

Limited time? You can’t clone yourself, but you CAN have it ALL.

You just need the right tools.

New, ideal for spring, and perfect for the coach who wants a business that’s ready to roll from day one.

Meet The age defying Detox

The Summer Age Defying Detox BASIC™ is for the health coach who wants an easy-to-follow rejuvenating detox, allergy elimination program, or clean eating program for your clients based on whole foods, without 1,000+ hours of extra work for you.

Three ways to launch, only one investment.

It’s for the health coach who knows bad eating habits often have mental and spiritual roots, and who’s not afraid to help their clients work beyond what’s on their plate. Help your clients manage stress and find their youthful vitality again.

Over 1,000 combined hours of work by a team of 10 ridiculously talented pros (and me!) went into creating Age Defying DETOX BASIC and DETOX ROCKSTAR just for you this season.


Detox Basic™ is the most bare-bones package I offer, for the coach who already has the marketing mojo and business acumen to rock their practice. If all you’re missing are the finishing touches, this is the program for you.

HEY COACH! Are you looking for opt-in freebies, power points, and social media marketing your program plus a 6 email sequence to promote your program? CLICK HERE to skip ahead to Rockstar.

Anti-Aging Elimination Detox Basic™

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For Your Clients...

Age-Defying Detox Guide

This 27 page, a 6014-word guide gives your clients the tools and flexibility they need to detox in the summer, such as seasonal foods ...


This guide has all the info your clients need to keep looking young year after year. Packed with a wealth of information they can’t just Google; you are delivering rock solid info about what foods keep you looking and feeling beautiful for a lifetime. They’ll be impressed, and you’ll be getting the references you need. 8 Pages and 1,567 words of epic content about foods for beauty, foods for skin and essential oils for skin plus more....


Recipe Guide with 65+ brand-new, incredible recipes by Rachel and an impeccable chef. The perfect resource for every day of the detox, with seasonal pseudo-grains, beans, and other options to give your clients the flexibility they need to stay on track and satiated.


Your clients will love the ease of seeing all 14 days of meals clearly laid out. This printer-friendly guide is a hit with clients and makes the detox a cinch to follow.

Suggested Meals & Shopping List

Healthy Suggested Meals for 14 Days, a schedule that makes it easy to follow, and SHOPPING LISTS (suggested meals and shopping lists for phases 2 and 3 of the program.)


Walks your clients through how they feel during the detox phase as they transform their health. Don’t you want to teach your clients which foods fuel them and which don’t? This diary will do just that!

Bonus Handout

5 Fruit-Infused Drinks to Hydrate Your Cells. Staying hydrated keeps you beautiful and cuts the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. So many of us go all day without enough liquids. This handout is a hydration-boosting solution for clients who hate the taste of water and could benefit from a little more fruit in their diet.

Clean Eating Version of Detox

Let’s face it, Coach. There are clients out there who don’t understand what detox is or why it matters. We’ve put together a ‘clean eating’ version that swaps out the word for niches that don’t like the idea of ‘detox’ but can’t get enough of ‘clean eating’ so you can cater to their needs, too. It’s the same great program and materials.

You get everything you need to get clients, coach clients, and make money!

For Your Business...

age defying Detox Guide Stunning Covers

These eBook covers give you the professional look you need to successfully launch your program. Brand your ebook as a "Clean Eating Program" or "Age-Defying Detox," the choice is yours!

Access to an Exclusive Membership Dashboard Loaded with Support

Tech training videos to show you how to get it all done. A coaches manual to get your launch planned, a timeline set, and everything you need to stay on track with a fantastic launch. Plus a price sheet to help you take the guesswork out of properly pricing your programs.

A Pro-written Sales Page

GUARANTEED to INCREASE SALES: A full-length, professional sales page with sample testimonials created for you by one of my most trusted copywriters. Get your clients on board with healthy, clean eating.

Welcome Letter

Because hello is everything in this business. Make the right impression from moment one with a heartfelt welcome letter that feels personal, builds your credibility, and saves you time.

20 Email Support Sequence

You can use the emails in your email marketing system, in your courses, in the forum or as daily emails to your clients in your 1-1.




You get all this for ONLY $187.

Detox Basic™

$ 187

Do You Need a Little More Time To Yourself, Coach?

If you’re burning out from doing too much and working all the time, you’re missing out on some of the same lessons you’re teaching your clients. It’s time to take back a little “me” time.

Make health coaching work for you AND your family. Remember what it’s like to have time that’s yours to enjoy.

It’s not impossible.

This is why we created the Detox Rockstar, so you can spend less time creating content, opt-in freebies, images, and have more time to market your online and offline business. Detox Rockstar is your BFF.


Detox Rockstar™ gives your business everything you need to market your business, draw new clients, and generate buzz. It’s packed with materials you can use today, and with the training, you need to keep your business thriving and your skillset growing. Packed with marketing images, blog posts, PowerPoints, emails, opt-in freebies, and more, this program makes sure you spend more time…

  • Launching group coaching programs
  • Growing your private coaching practice
  • Hosting detox or clean eating workshops
  • Using the detox in your 1-1 practice as a single session or 30-Day Jumpstart
  • Building your List with the TWO opt-in freebies in the Detox Rockstar

And less time staring at stacks of research, hunting for writers, graphic designers, writing emails, creating opt-in freebies, and groaning over the time you’re losing with your family.

Detox Rockstar™ is perfect for you if...

  1. You’re ready for exponential growth, and you’re prepared to jump from 20 to 1,000+ peeps on your email list. We’ve created the email sequences, webinar presentations, and slide-by-slide scripts for you to get your marketing on.
  2. You’re looking for a clean eating program that your clients will love with recipes that actually taste good, and mouthwatering photos that aren’t stock.
  3. You’re focused on coaching and don’t have time to create marketing materials like banners, social media images with text, kick-off, or wrap-up program scripts. No more dilly-dallying – we’ll handle it for you.
  4. You’re looking for the play-by-play handbook and tutorials to help with YouTube, Social Media, Facebook, editing tools like PicMonkey, and more.
  5. You want to launch your new programs like a pro, without months of creation and overwhelm!

With Detox Rockstar, you get everything from Detox Basic™, plus tons of materials to train you and attract your ideal clients…

Detox Rockstar™

You Get Everything In Basic

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Rock Your Business

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For Your Business...

Gorgeous Covers for the client materials

Use on the sales page or to promote the program.

Editable Canva Template: So you can easily edit and brand the images to match your branding!

AGE-DEFYING Detox Program Collage

Of the entire program for your sales page or social media to feature your program and create the perfect visual for your clients plus a 3D collage for the clean eating version, too

Clean Eating Version Program Collage

Of the entire program for your sales page or social media to feature your program and create the perfect visual for your clients plus a 3D collage for the clean eating version, too

Two Kickass Opt-in Freebies

To draw in new clients, drive buzz, and prove your value. Your new and soon-to-be clients will be begging for more of your programs after they get a peek at these!

Opt-in Freebie #1: 5 Fresh-Faced Beauty Mask Recipes for a Clarifying Glow

Getting the sumptuous glow of youthful skin is a challenge for most people. Teach your clients the secrets to a perfect, youthful complexion with these 5 recipes.
This gorgeous opt-in freebie comes with:

  • The recipe guide (beautifully designed and loaded with delicious, energy-boosting recipes)
  • 2d + 3d covers
  • Opt-in page
  • Thank you email
  • 5 Social Media Images, with Editable Canva template

Opt-in Freebie #2: 5 Super-Enriched Smoothies to Regenerate Your Skin

Cater to smoothie-loving clients with this beautiful presentation and the five scrumptious recipes that come with it. Boost your social media presence, fill your programs before they launch, and win your clients’ love and respect before they even sign up. Get them to eat a little healthier - even before your programs begin. This gorgeous opt-in freebie comes with:

  • The unbeatable freebie (packed with recipes ready to keep you rocking all day)
  • 2D & 3D covers
  • Opt-in page
  • Thank you email
  • 5 Social Media Images, with Editable Canva template 

ALL NEW Kick-off & Wrap up PowerPoint with Scripts

Kick-off your detox with a bang. These client-inspiring presentations come complete with done-for-you scripts!

  • Kick-off PowerPoint - 21 slides!
  • Kick-off Script
  • Wrap up PowerPoint - 13 slides!
  • Wrap up Script

2 BRAND NEW Live PPT Presentation Packages.

These babies will help you build your list, host an in-person workshop or online event, and drastically increase your visibility, so your potential clients SEE that you KNOW your stuff when it comes to healthy eating. Feel me?

PPT #1: 5 Ways to Defy Aging and Enhance Radiance

So many people have the desire to look and feel younger, but don’t know where or how to start. Catch their interest with these youth enhancing tips and convince them to commit to healthy changes. No need to worry about preparing a talk to go with it - I’m giving you a slide-by-slide script for the whole, fully-editable, PowerPoint.

  • 5 attention-grabbing promo images, editable with Canva template
  • A Beautifully designed PowerPoint
  • Slide-by-slide script to keep you calm, cool, and
  • prepared in front of the crowd

PPT #2: 5 Replenishing Foods to Reduce Wrinkles: The Woman’s Vibrant Makeover

Get couch potatoes up and moving with this high-energy, beautifully designed motivational presentation. They'll be inspired by your energy. I’m giving you the slide-by-slide script you need to make this an amazing presentation.

  • 5 attention-grabbing promo images, editable with Canva template
  • A Beautifully designed PowerPoint
  • Slide-by-slide script to keep you calm, cool, and prepared in front of the crowd

20 royalty and attribution-free photos of the recipes

Taken by a top-notch photographer to help you get your clients salivating over the tasty treats they’ll be eating.

5 Handouts

Use these as blog posts, discussions starters in your Facebook groups, or as handouts to give out to clients at events or in your office. Beautifully designed and researched, your clients are guaranteed to love these handouts. They’re your ticket to a great first-impression, Coach.

  • 5 Fruit Infused Drinks to Hydrate Your Cells
  • 5 Iced Herbal Teas to Release Toxins
  • Antioxidant-rich Desserts to Enhance Natural Beauty
  • Deep Cleansing Detox Rituals
  • The Ultimate Skin-Clarifying Bedtime Routine


We understand how challenging launching can be. We also know how much it costs to hire a Virtual Assistant, Designer, Copywriter, or the time it takes to do it yourself, so we created everything you need FOR YOU.

Social Media Package

  • Three professionally designed flyers to help you share your business and program in your community offline and online.
  • 5 Tweets and 5 Facebook Posts
  • 2 Coupon Images
  • 6 PayPal Buttons
  • Five group banners to use on your site or for Facebook groups + events. We put all the sweat and tears into the design for you.
  • 2 Event Banners to stir up buzz for your next big gig.

Open Cart Images

Engage your social followers with these savvy images that focus on your open cart days.

  • 10 Images to promote your program.
  • Editable Canva Template: So you can easily edit and brand the images to match your branding!

Marketing Images

Engage your social followers with these savvy images that focus on marketing your program.

  • 20 Marketing Images to promote your program.
  • Editable Canva Template: So you can easily edit and brand the images to match your branding!

Social Media Ad Banners

  • 5 Facebook Ads and 6 Instagram Ads to market your program
  • Editable Canva Template: So you can easily edit and brand the images to match your branding!

1:1 Coaching Package

  • Client Journal - You know how important keeping track of daily habits can be to your clients’ success. Also the food diary in BASIC, they get a beautiful journal to keep them on track and that you can go over together in sessions to keep them accountable.
  • Health and Wellness Form - Know your clients’ health and wellness baseline so that you can keep track of their improvements. In moments when they get discouraged, you can remind them how far they’ve come.
  • 2 Detailed Session Notes - After a session, send your clients home with beautiful session notes
  • 1 on 1 Appointment Confirmation Template - Working that group coaching? Great! Now it's time to set up 1 on 1 appointments. This template makes it easy.
  • Pre-program Questionnaire - Communicating with your clients clearly from the start is a great way to deliver what they're looking for. Find out what they need from you with this quick questionnaire.
  • Post-program Questionnaire - Coaching is also learning. Make a great lasting impression and improve your group coaching sessions with this post-program survey.

Clean Eating Version


You and I know how important detoxing is, but the word scares some clients. Give them the clean eating program they need and watch those sales soar. This time-saving bonus gives you the same materials as the all new winter detox with new covers and designs that eliminate the word ‘detox’ and replace it with ‘clean eating’ - something that clients who are skeptical of ‘detoxes’ will enjoy using. The following materials are rebranded for you:

  • 14-day at-a-glance, with editable cover!
  • Age-Defying Secrets Guide with editable cover!
  • All of the Handouts
  • Food diary with editable cover!
  • Recipe guide with editable cover!
  • Shopping list & suggested meals with editable cover!
  • Welcome letter

3 Blog Posts

Draw attention to your program with educational content.

20 Support Emails

To accompany your client through the entire program.

6 Fully Customizable Pre-marketing Emails

Get your list pumped for what’s on the way and ready to hit the BUY NOW button when you launch.

Two Professionally-Written Sales Pages GUARANTEED to INCREASE SALES

Two full-length, professional sales pages (detox and weight loss) with three sample testimonials created for you by one of my most trusted copywriters. Get them healthy - these PRO SALES PAGES are GUARANTEED to get them on board. Coach, you’ll have options.

  • Anti-Aging - Catch the attention of all the soon to be raving clients out there who want their youth and vitality back. Put pep back in their step and cash in your account with this perfectly-crafted sales page.
  • Detox-Driven - A rockin’ detox sales page that shows your clients the value of your new Summer program gets them fired up and helps you sell. Written by my top copywriter.

GUEST EXPERTS: Get tips and info from your idols.

Dr. Robert Morse, Reed Davis, and Yuri Elkaim are this season’s invited experts. Get their uncensored advice this season and watch your business bloom and boom, sister!



So … what are you going to do?

You could keep doing what you’re doing. You got this far on your own, so why change now? You can go it alone and hope to figure out exactly what opt-in to create, how to write a sales page and email autoresponder series, and then create detox plans and recipes from the thousands of choices out there after spending hundreds of hours doing research. And you could gamble that it might work…

OR you could finally build the health coaching practice of your dreams.

Use my tried-and-tested, done-for-you programs that deliver you the exact tools you need to launch your program and serve your clients like they deserve – with quality products and respect.

The choice is yours, Coach.

Buy it. Brand it. Launch it.

This is how much it would cost for you to create this program






$300 per project

Recipe Developer


Social Media Manager




Detox Rockstar™

$ 397

Here’s how you can use Detox™ in your OFFLINE business RIGHT NOW:

  • Host a workshop at your home. Teach clients how to detox the fridge. Call it something like “The Kitchen Makeover,” and sell your Detox program to all participants
  • Introduce the 14-Day Detox in your one month program and hook those clients into a longer commitment
  • Launch the 14-Day Detox and insert your favorite products into the program – use it as a gateway to help you sell your favorite products
  • Combine the Detox with another source of income such as a chef, fitness trainer, massage therapist, etc.
  • Host a group retreat focused on clean eating
  • Partner with your local gym and host a clean eating challenge
  • Partner with a chiro office or even a spa
  • Develop a 3- or 6-month clean eating or detox program for your clients

…and here’s how you can rock Detox™ in your ONLINE business:

  • Host your own virtual cooking class.
  • Create YouTube videos and teach using the materials.
  • Run a challenge online like a 14-Day Detox or Clean Eating Challenge.
  • Sell access to paid workshops and include the Clean Eating program.
  • Combine your mastermind program or signature wellness program with the Detox.
  • Sell recipes and suggested meals as e-products to build your list as a gateway to help you sell higher-end products and programs to your clients.
  • Use the PPTs or bundle the opt-in freebies and sell it by itself as an excellent list builder. Tons of people will happily spend the price of a latte to improve their health without thinking twice, so this is a perfect sales funnel, encouraging them to schedule a strategy session with you.
  • Host a series of online classes with the PPTs that are done for you. Educate and reach new potential clients by providing real value.

What happens when you buy

I send the materials right to your inbox, and you start editing your done for you program.
Then you share, share and share.

Your Time is now my friend...

Say YES to your success!

My name is Rachel A. Feldman

I am a kick-ass business coach for health and wellness professionals, who are sick and tired of having businesses that do not attract the ideal client or when they do, they do not have a system to teach them. I help them define niche, story, backstory, a system, and a leak-free business sales funnel. I had my own health struggles that lead me to be a health coach and then organically became a biz coach after my struggles and mastered my own leak free business funnel system. I went from making 13k to 6 figures by year 3 and now I am proud to say, I rock a business that feeds my soul, my spirit, and my family.


Most frequent questions and answers

For starters, I just didn’t come up with these programs on a whim because I thought they were the “in” thing to do. Before I became a business coach for health coaches and the creator of the Done-For-You Programs, I had an upstanding health coaching practice. I helped support hundreds of clients to reach their goals, uncover gut issues, lose weight, detox properly, break their sugar addiction, and restore their mind, body, and soul using the holistic principles from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I furthered my education at Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, the International School of Detoxification and Natalia Rose Advanced Detox Certification Training. I never stopped learning and I needed these programs for my own clients. These programs are tried and tested to give proven results. I base my programs on the teachings of many world-renowned health experts. When you purchase a Done-For-You Program you can rest assured that there have been 8,500+ health coaches before you who have built thriving practices using these programs. I’m here to support you in the group and so is my team. With us, you’re never alone.

We believe in the power of seasonal eating, which is why we create a different program every season, with new recipes, new social media, new content and deliver this program to you. We have seen coaches build and brand their business using the seasonal detox and clean eating program. If you have any questions, please contact us. The program DOES include seasonal grains and beans.

No worries, email us at [email protected] and we will help get you started on a prior season that works with your location. We have years of seasons waiting to be launched by you!

When you purchase a Done-For-You Program from YourHealthCoachBiz.com you receive fully-editable files in .doc format. All you need is MS Office, specifically word to edit the client files. You can also purchase MS Office 365 for $9.99/month if needed. You can add your name to the copyright information and claim all this hard work as your very own. How awesome is that? All I ask is that you do not publish as an Amazon book, but I’m sure you knew that already because if that were the case everyone would have the same book. Please read the Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer Please.

Investing in yourself and in your business is always worth it. You can’t expect to grow as a business owner if you don’t have the programs you need, the time-saving tools to help you along the way, or the accountability to help guide you through the entire process. With us, you get all of the above plus materials that you can use at any time of the year – even with the detox as the opt in freebies or the power points can be used for your business year round.

Because these programs are instantly delivered to you without a waiting moment, you receive the digital files. Therefore, these programs are non-returnable and because of this, they are non-refundable. If you make a mistake during your purchase please contact [email protected] to resolve the matter.

It takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes it takes an entire team to help grow a health coaching business. You’re not a fraud! I encourage you to rename the programs you purchase, edit the files in your own voice, and add at least 15-20% of your personality anywhere throughout the documents. It’s ok to get help! I want you to coach more and do less of this “back-end” work. Don’t you?

For starters, you get additional support in our free groups! You get me, Rachel Feldman, and access to my team of educated and resourceful moderators from tech support to program launching support. You get it all, coach. I often do livestreaming in the groups to help you as well. If you’d like private one to one coaching then you can email [email protected] , and we’ll send you an application to see if we are a good fit. If you’d like to join Your Health Coach Launch School, you can do so by clicking here. The launch school is perfect for the coach who needs helpful support and would love to get it in a group setting. You can’t beat the value and price of the launch school.

If you need a straightforward, easy-to-sell program that works for all your clients, no matter what their unique needs, this is the one for you. It’s more than just another cookie-cutter cleanse program that puts too much pressure on your client – it’s a program designed to work for every body type, every need and even for every sensitivity.


The Basic option gives you the bare bones of the awesome program but not the business builders, such as the social media, pre-marketing email funnel, opt-in freebies, powerpoint presentations and more.

The Rockstar option gives you everything you need in your business to launch and market your business like a pro. We created the Rockstar option because we know what it takes to be a Rockstar health coach.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of a downloadable product, we do not issue refunds. If you have questions about what product is right for you, please contact us via the chat box at the bottom of the page. Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to supporting you. Please make sure you have read our Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

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