Health Coach 60-Blog Content Package™

Your Done-For-You Blogging Machine!


Health Coach, You were meant to be on the frontlines of CHANGING people’s lives. Stop spending your time being a blogger!

As if program creation, networking and pitching wasn’t time consuming enough, you also have to be on point with your blog content if you want to rock this business!

Wouldn’t you love to just hit the “Schedule” button on amazing blog posts instead of spending days on content planning and creation?

Are you losing money right now because of the time you are spending on blogging?

You need a Done-For-You Blogging Solution that guarantees followers, interest and avoids your creativity being drained!

This Health Coach 60 Blog Content Package will save you time and energy in your business.

Create authority in your health coach business with consistent blogging.

Offer your potential clients the chance to get to know how knowledgeable and passionate you are about your business.

Don’t let blogging zap your energy and start focusing on getting those clients!

What better way than having a year’s worth of blogging content deliciously baked and ready to go on your website?


The best way to HOOK those dream clients is to JAB Them with VALUABLE, ENTERTAINING AND ENGAGING content. Use this package to schedule out optimized content for your readers.

You could also hire someone to write your blogs but that doesn’t guarantee they are an expert in your industry or that they write quality content. And trust me, you will spend well over $100 a blog or $30-$50 for a talented writer.

Did I mention this is 15 months’ worth of blogging? Do the Math. Think about all the hours and money, creativity and energy you will be saving with this package.

Health Coach 60 Blog Content Package™

Your Done-For-You Blogging Production Line!

Hang your content creator hat and put on that Health Coach Crown.

Health Coach 60-Blog Content Package™
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This is what the Health Coach 60 Blog Content Package™ includes:

  • 60 Blog Posts for Your Website with eye-catching graphics: Stuffed with valuable information for your readers. You can schedule all of these out at once and run your business like a well-oiled machine. (Value $6,000)
  • 30 Marketing Images to promote your blog: Put those babies as your featured images, schedule out your social media, and hit that GO button baby! (Value $199)
  • How to Rock Your Blog Video: Take the guesswork out of this really time-consuming yet important task and learn the ins and outs of what makes a successful health coach blog. (Value $125)

Total Value of this package $6324

You get it for only $197


Are you curious to know what you will get with this amazing product? Well, let’s go over it!

What’s included in this program?

Sneak Peek

For Your Client …

Facts: A successful business needs systems. Blogging shouldn’t be a hassle. This package is your answer!

Your clients get all of this with YOUR name on it because I only put out COPYRIGHT FREE business building goodies:

  1. Foods to Balance Blood Sugar
  2. Foods to Give You Energy
  3. Foods to Help You Sleep
  4. Habits to Start Your Morning Right
  5. How Much Protein Do You Need for Your Hormone Health
  6. How to Alkalize Your Body
  7. How to Commit to Change
  8. How to Jumpstart Your Weight Loss
  9. How to Reduce Cellulite with Food
  10. How to Start Your Day Off Right
  11. The Ketogenic Diet
  12. Natural Remedies to Keep You Healthy
  13. Natural Supplements for Regulating Sugar
  14. How to Buy the Best Probiotic
  15. How to Have Better Relationships Through Your Own Self Love
  16. The Basics of Ayurveda Medicine
  17. The Benefits of All-Natural Makeup
  18. The Benefits of Exercise
  19. The Benefits of Yoga
  20. The Law of Attraction
  21. How to Make Healthy Vegan Snacks
  22. How to Create a Vision Board
  23. Vitamin Deficiency and Your Thyroid
  24. How to Stop Eating Sugar
  25. How to Stop a Cold with Garlic
  26. How to Read a Label
  27. Biohack for Bulletproof Coffee
  28. How to Make a Healthy Low Carb Breakfast
  29. How to Know if Your Hormones Are Out of Whack
  30. How to Know if Your Blood Sugar is Stable
  31. How to Eat to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy
  32. How to Go Gluten Free When You Travel
  33. Benefits of Blueberries
  34. How to Do a Phone Detox
  35. Best Foods for Anti-Aging
  36. Best Foods for a Great Sex Drive
  37. Adrenal Health 101
  38. A Simple Juice Cleanse
  39. Why Stevia is a Great Sugar Substitute
  40. How Going Ketogenic Can Help You Lose Weight
  41. The Benefits of Adding Flax to Your Meals
  42. 6 Foods to Improve Gut Health
  43. 5 Benefits of Turmeric Milk
  44. The Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  45. 5 Ways to Love Yourself
  46. 5 Ways to Lose Weight When You Love Food
  47. How to Have Better Sleep–Melatonin
  48. 3 DIY Epsom Salt Baths to Relax and Decompress
  49. 4 Reasons to Ditch an Animal-Based Diet
  50. 5 Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet
  51. 12 Ways to Use Essential Oils
  52. The Importance of Vitamin D
  53. What is a Salt Lamp?
  54. The Benefits of Kombucha
  55. Crystals to Help You Move On From Resentment
  56. Intermittent Fasting
  57. Keto Breakfasts
  58. How Eating Kefir Benefits Your Gut
  59. The Benefits of Journaling at Night
  60. What is Biohacking?


Give yourself the break that YOU DESERVE. You are meant to be out there hustling your business and catering to your amazing clients. Blogging should NOT be a concern.

Work Smarter – Not Harder.

Buy it. Brand it. Launch it. Everything you need to jumpstart your business is right here for ONLY $197.

Health Coach 60-Blog Content Package™
Full Pay


CLICK HERE for payment plan 3 x $66

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Then you share, share and share.

The time is now my friend.

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Hey, freedom-searching coach. I’m Rachel Feldman; long-time 6-figure Health Coach turned Business Niche Coach.

I’m the bold, brazen creator of the Health Coach Done For You Programs. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, the International School of Detoxification and Natalia Rose Advanced Detox Certification Training. I’ve been featured in Florida Man and Woman magazine, Mind Body Green, Williams & Sonoma blog, Ripe & Ready, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Forbes, and many others. I am also a featured business educator at the Hippocrates Health Institute.

For years, I struggled with chronic health issues. While digging into the root cause of my own health struggles, I discovered the power of clean eating and detoxing. Clean eating and detoxing became the foundation for my own health transformation, and also the core of my own health coach practice and the Done For You Programs. After building my health coaching business from bare bones to six figures, I expanded my mission to help new coaches follow suit and create their own thriving success. I created these programs for health coaches so they could spend less time creating and more time coaching clients.

To date, I’ve helped over 8,500 coaches finally turn a profit, book more clients, and sell out programs of their own. I am beyond passionate about creating a world with less sickness and more happiness, whether I’m behind the scenes helping other health coaches spread their message and their work with the Done For You Programs or coaching clients how to launch the programs and their business successfully. Even though I’m always on the go, teaching, speaking on podcasts and summits, I always make time for a green smoothie, chocolate at noon, and a cuddle session with my hubby and kids.

I’m here to give you REAL TOOLS to build a business that gives you FREEDOM.

So prepare yourself, coach. I’m ready to reveal every juicy detail of my business success story AND help you crush it online and offline.

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