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The done-for-you programme is genius and has saved me months of research, writing, and design work.

My breakthrough came when I realised what it means to know what your niche is. That has helped me to pinpoint which programmes I want to offer and why. I have moved away from an informational only approach to an online and offline marketing approach, helping me to gain clarity about my brand and how to monetise it. The done-for-you programme is genius and has saved me months of research, writing, and design work. I am so grateful to have met Rachel, her commitment and expertise have been phenomenal.

Anita McKenzie

I exceeded my goal in just the first week!

There is no failure during this process, just lessons to be learned. Last season was my first. I did 2 group sessions and had a lot of success. I exceeded my goal in just the first week! This season, I tried launching DIY and while I had a handful sign up, I did not get the response I was looking for. What did I learn? The people in my niche are PROCRASTINATORS!!!! Lol. They need me to tell them EXACTLY what to do and when to do it. If left it up to them, they will never get it done. Therefore, I am relaunching next week with a specific start date. Hopefully, the fear of missing out will get them signing up. Moral of the story: if something isn’t working for you, try something else.

Cristin Wood

testimonial for list building

I couldn’t ask for anything more!

I haven’t launched with clients yet, but I find so much value in these programs. EVERYTHING I need is included, the photos are outstanding, the sales pages are well-written, the recipes taste great… I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Kris DeFoer

I have run 5 different groups now and nearly 200 participants

I have learned so much about detoxification, about how our body works, about so many people and their own personal stories, and most of all about myself. It has been life changing. I have run 5 different groups now and am approaching nearly 200 individuals who have participated in the program.

Heather Larson

I have exactly what I need to launch program after program, year after year.

Rachel’s Health Coach Launch School is truly a “school” worth investing in. She teaches you step-by-step exactly what you need to do in order to get your business started. Before I started the school, I was going in circles and achieving chaos. With all that I have learned, I have exactly what I need to launch program after program, year after year. I’m just starting in the Health Coach business and because of this school, I now have potential clients. Thanks Rachel – You Rock!

Terri King

The programs that Rachel sells are top notch!!

They explain everything from start to finish, how you launch, how to edit, marketing emails etc….For me, this is very important, as I am a new health coach. I also used her done-for-you PowerPoint presentation for a webinar I did. This was my first webinar, and it went great, thanks to Rachel, she helped me work out which website to use and all. The Facebook forum is awesome! Not only do you get Rachel and her staff, but you get others with amazing talents and knowledge. Rachel also posts daily, with awesome pictures and daily motivations. This program has definitely helped me to get out there, and has brought clients for me to do what I love: change lives!

Adrienne Primrose


I started out as a health client in 2011 and worked with Rach for 4 months to lose 15 pounds!! Then when I graduated from IIN, I started Fearful to Fit and purchased Rach’s DFY programs. From just this year, I sold 20 summer detoxes and made $1660, then on a whim, sold 11 paleo detoxes and made $917 for a grand total of $2,577!! I followed the advice and suggestions, put my own spin on it and voila! Can’t wait to offer more in 2017!

JJ Muenz

The recipes will blow your client’s socks off!

I purchased Rachel’s 11-Day Seasonal Detox Wellness Program just before I graduated Integrative Nutrition. I had been very reluctant to put myself “out there” to the public – advertising, marketing, letting people know what I was up to. But Rachel’s program was such an easy fit; it didn’t take long for me to dive right in! Her detox is a wonderful gateway to introduce potential clients to your approach, showcase your knowledge from IIN, and put it in a concise, affordable, effective program. The recipes will blow your client’s socks off! Who knew eating clean could taste SOO good?!?! Your credibility factor is definitely amped up when you offer a seasonal detox. People get results, and are thirsty for more! Without a doubt, I am a Rachel’s Wellness Lifer.

In 1 season I have sold 11 detoxes, as well as offered it as part of my 3 and 6-month programs to 5 clients! It’s been a great way to jumpstart my business!

April Noris

I have made $7000 Aus in sales

I have been selling this as my high end online product and so far have made $7000 Aus in sales (this doesn’t even include the detoxes that I also have sold separately) this has completely transformed my business and time freedom.!

Belinda Whalen

The Recipes are amazing!

Rachel Feldman, the recipes are amazing!! I absolutely LOVE the Swiss chard with coconut curry sauce! Last night I made it again and substituted Baby Bok Choy and added grated carrots. This will be a keeper for sure! Then had a little dessert with a peppermint madness ball. Thank you for all that you do! Amazing season!

Carol Nees

My mail list grew from 28 to 231 in 24 hours

I purchased the Rockstar Package and I am SO glad I did. After watching Rachel’s how to video on how to add an opt-in to my website, my mail list grew from 28 to 231 in 24 hours.

Drea Eidsvold

Rachel’s programs look incredibly professional.

When I was first starting out, I didn’t know where to begin. It was a blessing to find Rachel and her team. Her programs got me out there and the support in the forums is priceless. I sold 35 Spring Cleanses & rolled 4 clients into my transformation program, generating more monthly income & boosting my confidence!! Rachel’s programs are not only are they put together with thought and care, they look incredibly professional.

Trish Ward

The abundance of support and education is unmatched

Rachel’s Wellness Detox Programs were the missing link for my growing business. The abundance of support and education that comes along with this program is unmatched. Not only have I fallen in love with the recipes from the program and experienced the benefits myself, but I have made connections with so many like-minded health coaches on the same path as me whom I will continue to be in touch with. This program is brilliant.

Amanda Kaytes

All I can say is OMG and I LOVE YOU Rachel Feldman

Unbelievable. Well, actually, believable, with this program and all the support and tools we get…I have been doing Rachel’s programs and following her advice for one year now and slowly building up my practice. I know some people here sign up 40 or more clients right away, and that just hasn’t been the case with me. But what HAS happened with me is that the people who have worked with me have built up my reputation. I was at a PTA meeting at my kids’ school today and the principal asked me to give a 10 series workshop/talk to the middle school kids (!!!!!!)..then I plucked up the courage to ask the PTA president if they could organize a talk for the community for me and they were SO EXCITED (!!!!) and THEN another lady who runs the community center told me she has a perfect space for me to give talks and cooking demos. All I can say is OMG and I LOVE YOU Rachel Feldman xoxoxo

Dana Dinnawi

Rachel and her team are SUPER Helpful and make this process fun and not so scary

What I love about Rachel’s programs is that they are well thought out, very professional and you get so much content. Content that is not only for your clients, but for you too. The way she takes us step by step through editing, making it our own, taking us through all the options and ways we can maximize the use of it, priceless Rachel and her team are SUPER Helpful and make this process fun and not so scary. Since I have been using Rachel’s programs I have been able to not only offer seasonal detoxes but it frees up my time to do more of what I love and support my clients and team. Now that she is offering the program with essential oils included she has even made IT MORE simple for myself and the team to use this as an add on to the enrollment process, an offering to our existing wellness advocates and many other options. I appreciate Rachel’s foresight and knowledge and how it supports the essential oil lifestyle culture of health and wellness.

Karen Hudson

Rachel bundles her programs with an amazing community of Health Coaches

I’ve bought done-for-you programs in the past, but they ended up just wasting space on my hard drive because of the quality of the programs and the lack of support in getting them up and running. That is SOOO NOT the case with Rachel’s programs. Not only are they filled with absolutely fabulous content, but she bundles it with an amazing community of Health Coaches and Wellness professionals in her Facebook Group to help motivate you to get your product launched and out the door, so you can start bringing in new clients and earn your money back quickly. I can’t wait to see what Rachel comes up with next, because I know I’ll be jumping onboard!

Jenna Drew

These programs freed me up to do the work on perfecting the sales efforts that go with it

Just a quick note of thanks for some great work and material this season. The Fall program is the best ever. Not only do I love the Rockstar, I finally utilized some support work and was very pleased with the results. In past seasons, I found myself spending too much time fighting with my computer about formatting, editing, etc. By having your team make my sales page and set up my already written auto responder emails, it freed me up to do the work on perfecting my Clean Eating program and the sales efforts that go with it! I’m looking forward to seeing the next season’s program!

Jeanine Toes

I sold 35 Detox Programs and 20 REVITALIZE™ Programs in my first round.

Rachel’s programs have moved my practice to the next level. After making the initial investment, I worried about getting the return on my investment. I purchased two programs at once – the Fall ROCKSTAR™ Detox and the REVITALIZE™ Program. My fears were unfounded. Even if I hadn’t sold one program, the education I received, plus the videos, handouts, images, and daily help with business building would have been worth the cost!

Using Rachel’s “freebie” offer as a list builder quickly added 80 new subscribers to my list. I sold 35 Detox Programs and 20 REVITALIZE™ Programs in my first round.

Connie Lancaster

I have been able to start where is best for me and my clients with room for growth.

No One Left Behind” is my motto now for Rachel Feldman’s Detox Basic program I purchased for first time May 2015. My business needed a new direction, due to my challenges recently with digestion I knew I desired something with detoxing. But, not a clue of how to go about it using foods primarily. Then, my path crossed that of Rachel Feldman’s “Done For You” program Detox Basic. It was a perfect fit. However, those fears of new territory were talking loud. But, I made the purchase. My feeling of biting off too much was soon silenced after Rachel began to empower me; various ways to create the detox to fit my clients, detailed educational material, my questions answered daily with options or solutions. I soon realized my one purchase was for multiple levels of detoxing, healthy eating and different streams of income. I have been able to start where is best for me and my clients with room for growth. Thank you Rachel for the new adventure!

Dolly Lawrence

I needed a solid program that educated my clients and Rachel delivered.

I have been leveraging the Elimination Programs for over a year now. I have been a Wellness Advocate for two years. I have essential oil information I integrate into my Clean Eating/Elimination Programs but I needed a solid program that educated my clients on the power of clean eating and essential oils. By partnering with Rachel and integrating her specific essential oil content I can leverage this when clients are wanting the “Holistic” approach. Integrating essential oil content allows my clients to get excited about their new healthy lifestyle, recipes, detox tools and more. The bundle allows them to embrace their new lifestyle with ease.

Martha McGoldrick

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