Created for health coaches seeking the ultimate whole foods program featuring low-glycemic (and mouth-watering!) vegetarian, vegan and omnivore recipes to support clean eating, holistic weight loss for 14 days, PLUS an allergy friendly 28-day whole foods transformation.

REVITALIZE™ includes the marketing moxie you need to create your signature offering – online, offline, one-on-one coaching, groups, retreats, gyms, spas…you get the idea.

These Done-For-You Programs are right for you if…

  • You are a brand-new coach, fresh out of school, and you need a program of substance to offer your clients.
  • You are a health professional who wants to build their business on a solid foundation of valuable, niche-specific programs, and offer more than just two sessions and two handouts in any given month.
  • You are a seasoned coach who’s been around the block, have a few launches under your belt, and now you’re ready for time-saving tools so that you can coach more and work the back-end a whole lot less.
  • You are a coach who wants to rebrand, make a name for yourself, and stand out in your industry using niche-specific programs that attract potential clients like a magnet.

These Done-For-You Programs will save you…

  • Stress: You were born to coach and pursue your dreams and that doesn’t include sitting in front of your computer trying to work every single aspect of your business all by yourself. The stress of creating and writing hundreds of pages just isn’t where you need to put your energy when you have clients waiting to be coached.
  • Time: Whether you’re working a 9 to 5 or raising kids, time is of the essence. You can’t possibly clone yourself, and the startup funds to hire a full blown team to do it for you just isn’t there. These Done-For-You Programs will give you more time the minute you say yes to more freedom in your business and choose the niche-specific program of your dreams. One program guide takes 100 hours to complete – imagine what it takes to create the entire program.
  • Money: Let’s talk cash, coach. The value of these programs begin at 8k and end in the ballpark of 30k to create just one. From the program guides to the recipes, sales pages to written emails, social media images to newsletters, and so much more. Why get into a heap of debt when you can get your business rolling in the dough for anywhere between $167-$2,812? Easy pick, isn’t it?


Yep, consider this baby The Big Kahuna – complete the sales funnel for your business.

Imagine this: you just wrapped up a detox, cleanse or weight loss program with a client


Your ravings fans – AKA clients – are knockin’ at your door (wahoo!) asking for more, but you don’t know what the hell to offer them next (uh oh).

You need a tasty new dish to present to your clients. Something mouth-watering. Something transformative. Something results-driven.


The Recipe for Success in your Biz

  • Launch a 14-day weight loss course as a gateway program to introduce new clients to your work.
  • Host a 28-day whole foods transformation as a group program for your clients.
  • Offer a combined 6-week whole foods clean eating mastermind program or group coaching.
  • And MORE…

You can grow your biz in many ways with REVITALIZE™. We created a roadmap to guide you every step of the way.


I’m often asked, “Is REVITALIZE™ a detox or weight loss program?”

No, ma’am. REVITALIZE is not a detox or a weight loss specific program. Instead, it’s focused on clean eating and incorporating the teaching of mind and body to help your clients create healthy habits, feel empowered, and make long-lasting changes to look and feel great.

REVITALIZE is a program based on teaching the full circle philosophy – encompassing all things mind, body, and spirit so your clients can make massive change in just 28 days.

With the 4, weekly ebooks you can guide your clients through these topics:

  • Committing to change
  • Food choices
  • Exercise & movement
  • Self-care (a.k.a: putting yourself first)

The epic materials in these e-books are tailored to give your clients a day-by-day action plan, with homework. This is the content you can cover in your weekly sessions or webinars.

This program is perfect for your 1:1 coaching or online.

REVITALIZE is two programs in one, 28 Day Transformational Whole Foods Program, and a 14 day Holistic Weight Loss Program.

Offer separately or combine for a total of six weeks.

Why did I add a weight loss program? Because the 28 Day Whole Foods Program is NOT A DIET! I’ve found that some of my clients wanted the weight loss element.

This is why REVITALIZE is such a special program. It gives you so many tools for your clients and your online or offline business.

Run REVITALIZE as a 6-week program, combining the 28 Day Transformational Whole Foods and the 14 Day Holistic Weight Loss Programs, or offer them separately, depending on your client’s needs.

[Side note: If you want the 1-2-PUNCH, you can pair REVITALIZE™ with the BASIC™ or ROCKSTAR™ detox for the total package for your clients.]

REVITALIZE™ is for the health coach who is looking for not just one, but TWO unique programs:

  • The rockin’ 14-day weight loss program with everything your clients need to drop those extra pounds – forever.
  • A 28-day holistic whole foods program that gives your clients the emotional support and wellness education they need to get (and stay) healthy.

So what makes REVITALIZE™ different from my DETOX™ Basic & Rockstar Programs

I’m glad you asked!


  • business builder BEAST your coaching practice needs to increase your bottom line. Can you believe it includes 39 pre-written blog posts/newsletters to help you engage your community and convert potential clients into paying clients? Cray-cray!
  • whole foods program that will achieve the desired results for your clients. We’ve created editable weekly eBook guides, a 6-week clean eating program with omnivore, vegetarians and vegan options, weekly recipe guides loaded with 100+ chef-crafted and taste-tested healthy and educational handouts to help your client achieve healthier living.
  • the ultimate tool to help you launch the Revitalize Program to your clients in four ways (live, as a retreat, with clients, or online), integrate the program into your existing practice, brand the program with your personality, and to help you deliver the program seamlessly.

Ready to earn a full-time income doing what you love?

We’ll fork over all the tools and content you need to market your whole foods program like a pro and create tangible results for your clients.

  • Results that your clients can actually feel.
  • Results that keep them coming back to your programs over and over AND over again.
  • Results that your clients can’t help but rave about. Hellooo referrals!

Deliver Fabulous Results, Earn a Fabulous Reputation.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned health coach, you know that every client (and every client’s results) matters.

REVITALIZE™ is your gateway program to transform new clients into raving fans. When you help your clients achieve their goals, you strengthen your reputation online and offline. And people start to notice.

This is the package that gives you everything you need to rock the health coaching world by pleasing client after client. It sells itself through the best marketing tool out there – word of mouth, babes.

Give your clients something to talk about.

Give them an experience like no other.

Give them the results they’ve been waiting for.

So tell me, babes… are you ready to DESIGN your custom [wellness] business from the ground up?

Are you ready to add your unique sass and style to your SIGNATURE offering and STAND OUT from the swarm of other health coaches?

Are you ready to offer multiple programs AND solutions to your clients?


I thought so

What’s included

in this program?

For your clients…

  • 4 WEEKLY eBook Guides: These are 100% editable Word Docs include daily prompts and instructions for your clients. Each guide is filled with day by day educational tips and action steps for your client to take. Teach your client how to journal, put themselves first and how to eliminate foods that are wreaking havoc on their system. Small daily changes lead to long lasting results. (Value $4,000+)
  • Week 1: Commit to Change
  • Week 2: Food Focus
  • Week 3: Putting Yourself First
  • Week 4: Exercise

  • Omnivore Recipe Guide loaded with 54 delectable recipes: Custom-created by a fab chef and writer. Did I mention…they’re gluten-free, allergy-friendly, and family-friendly? (Value $1,620+)
    • Dairy Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Wheat Free
    • Allergy Friendly
    • Healthy Smoothies, Juices, Soups, Salads, Dips, Desserts and More

  • 4-Weeks of Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists – Omnivore Recipes, making shopping and planning your meals easy as 1-2-3: (Value $602+)

  • Vegetarian Recipe Guide: Complete with 69 healthy, chef-created, and 100% delish recipes. (Value $2,070+)
    • Dairy Free
    • Gluten Free
    • Wheat Free
    • Allergy Friendly
  • Healthy Smoothies, Juices, Soups, Salads, Dips, Desserts and More

  • 4-Weeks of Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists – Vegetarian Recipes, making shopping and planning your meals easy as 1-2-3: (Value $602+)

  • 7 Info-Packed Handouts to help your clients get the most out of the program (Value $280+)
    • Top Vegetarian Proteins
    • Portion Control
    • Going Gluten Free: The big question
    • Gluten-Free Substitutions
    • 40 Snacks on the Go
    • Vegetable Cooking Methods
    • Food Diary

  • Blank Meal Planner: Your clients can use what they learn to create their own meals and turn this 4-week program into a permanent lifestyle change. (Value $35)

For Your Business…

  • Rockin’ Sales Page by a pro copywriter: The heavy selling is done for you – complete with THREE sample testimonials. Just set it up and rock those sales! (Value $1,000)
  • Testimonial Template: Snatch up those bits o’ praise effortlessly to strengthen your cred and keep the clients coming. (Value $30)
  • FOUR Master Classes with moi: (Value $900)
    • Class 1 – How to Launch the 28-Day Program in Four Ways: Live, as a retreat, with clients, and online
    • Class 2 – How to Integrate the 28-Day Program Into Your Existing Practice
    • Class 3 – How to Avoid Overwhelming Your Tribe With Too Much Info/Too Many Documents (a.k.a. How to Deliver the 28-Day Program to Your Clients Deliciously)
    • Class 4 – How to Personalize Your Program for YOUR Niche

  • UPDATED Crystal-Clear Manual with FIVE video tutorials. Make the most out of using the program and launching and eliminate tech headaches easily. (Value $1,250)

  • THREE Opt-in Freebies, complete with 3D eBook covers: (Value $675+)
    • 5 Vital Steps to Optimal Health
    • 9 Smoothies That Will Change Your Life
    • Ditch the Bloat
  • FOUR Marketing Emails: Generate buzz and drive enrollment through the roof using the list that already loves you. (Value $400)
  • Rockin’ SIX-EMAIL Support Sequence: Includes a welcome letter that includes 2 weeks of the weight loss program and a version without the weight loss program – so you can customize to match your clients’ needs. (Value $600)
  • 39 Pre-written Blog Posts/Newsletters to keep your existing clients’ attention and help you land more deals. (Totally priceless but let’s say it takes a VA 1 hour to write 1 blog post we are talking a value worth over $3,900)

  • 10 Beautifully and Professionally Designed Marketing Banners: Capture your audience’s attention on your website and present a stunning sales page to bring in clients (and the moolah!). (Value $1,250+)

  • 10 Marketing Images: Showcase a sneak peek into your programs and lure clients into getting clean and healthy! (Worth over $200+)

  • 2 Swank, Professionally-designed PowerPoints: An unbeatable marketing tool, you can also use these info-packed powerpoint presentations for free tele-classes, webinars, and preview calls. Save yourself even more time when you use the preview call script that comes with them. (Value $300)

  • eBook cover: A professionally-designed, gorgeous flat JPEG to help you convert like crazy. (Value $50)
  • Survey Email: Find out what your clients are aching to buy and how you can improve your practice (comes with a great how-to video, too.) (Value $100)
  • Professionally-Designed Workshop Sign-Up Sheet & Follow-Up Email: Written by a pro with one goal in mind – to convert more leads into clients for your practice. Ready to grow your biz, babes? This is how. (Value $170)
  • Sample Disclaimer: Keep your clients aware of exactly what they’re in for, and cover your own butt by keeping this on all your pages and materials. Stamp it with your own mojo and run it by your lawyer for the greenlight to save yourself hundreds by bringing your own for approval instead of having them craft one from scratch. (Value $500)

  • Eye-Catching, Professionally-Designed Flyer: Corner your local market and make local promotion a breeze for your biz. Post and prosper, sister. (Value $35)
  • Referral Letter: Written just for you, this rockin’ letter makes it ridiculously easy to rack up local referrals from businesses and professionals. (Value $35)

  • Launch Pro Kit including a launch timeline, editorial calendar, testimonial template, content creation calendar, and more! (Value $605+)
  • 17 Mastery Tech Classes created by myself, and my team of tech experts: It’s all the hand-holding you’ll need to feel confident every techy step of the way. The result? A worry-free launch and a biz built with confidence. (Value $850+)
    • How To Promote Your Offerings Via E-Newsletter
    • How To Launch Using a Strategic Timeline
    • How To Create Social Media System Using an Editorial Calendar
    • How To Build Your List, Set Up and Promote Your Opt-In Freebie
    • How To Create A Facebook Event And Market It
    • How To Set Up A Live Webinar {GOOGLE HANGOUT}
    • How To Create Graphics in PicMonkey
    • How To Create and Manage an engaged Facebook Group
    • Mailchimp Mastery Classes:
      • Mailchimp Training- Setting up a Sign up Form
      • Mailchimp Training- Connecting to Paypal
      • Mailchimp Training- Setting Up Automation
      • Mailchimp Training- Editing Campaigns
    • How To Set Up a PayPal Button
    • How To Insert your Sales Page and Make It Look Fabulous {WordPress}
    • How To Edit Your Documents + Change the Cover
    • Prioritizing Your Launch {Class from Rachel}
    • How To Use Dropbox
    • How to Schedule Social Media in Facebook {teach them how to schedule posts directly in Facebook}
    • How To Create A Marketing Video In Animoto
    • How to Master Canva

And that’s only the 28-day program…

When you buy REVITALIZE™, you get TWO fabulous programs. Imagine this – you can give your clients options that match their needs and time commitment perfectly.

REVITALIZE™ makes it easy to deliver programs to working moms, busy clients who just need to shed those last few pounds, or to combine programs with eBooks and create a mind, body, and spirit mastermind course loaded with recipes for your clients – without spending ages researching, writing, designing, and marketing it.


The 14-Day Weight Loss program contains SOOOO much added value:

For your clients…

  • Easy-Peasy 14-Day At-a-Glance Guide (vegan & non-vegan): Meals are broken down day by day for your client to make weight loss as easy as 1-2-3 (Value $300)

  • Weight Loss Welcome e-Guide: To drop weight within the first 14 days, and jumpstarts their 28-day program. This powerhouse of a guide gives your client rock-solid foundational holistic health basics, like how to balance blood sugar, improve metabolism, and ramp up their overall health in the process – all while shedding those pounds, baby! (Value $1000+)

  • Weight Loss Shopping List: 2 weeks of non-vegan and vegan shopping lists to keep your clients on the right track. (Value $301)

  • SIX Juicy Bonus Handouts: (Value $210+)
    • Drink Yourself Skinny
    • Weight Loss Tracker
    • The Key to Great Digestion
    • Should I Supplement in This Program
    • Lower Your Blood Sugar
  • Food Diary for Weight Loss: A client favorite, the food diary is an essential key to client success. (Value $70)

For your business…

  • TOP-NOTCH Sales Page Copy: Written by my fave copywriter, this sales page does an amazing job of showcasing your new 14-day weight loss program. You’ll lure in the perfect clients – the ones who need to shed unwanted pounds and are ready to make the commitment. (Value $1,000)
  • Supportive Fifteen-Email Sequence: Hold your client’s hand through the 14-day weight loss program. Kicks off with a weight loss-geared welcome letter to push your clients further into that sales funnel of yours, babes! (Value $1,500)

  • Professionally-designed Collage of this Holistic Weight Loss Program: Showcase your offering on your sales page and work the visual appeal your clients need to hit the “buy now” button. (Value $445)


Total value of REVITALIZE™ = $26,885+

and it’s yours for only $717!

Full Pay


CLICK HERE for payment plan 3 x $239

Secure Checkout

Transform your “work with me” offerings from meh to O-M-G, I need that! with REVITALIZE™.

Show Me The Money!

Integrate REVITALIZE™ into your business to make more money and watch your client list explode.

Consider this your cheat sheet.

How you can use Revitalize™ in your OFFLINE business?

  • Host a workshop at your home. Teach clients how to revitalize the fridge with a ‘Whole Foods Kitchen Makeover’ and sell the 14-Day Weight Loss Program to all participants
  • Launch the 14-Day Weight Loss Program and use it as a gateway to help you sell your favorite products
  • Combine REVITALIZE™ with another source of income like a chef, fitness trainer, massage therapist, etc.
  • Host a group retreat focused on a healthy, holistic whole foods lifestyle
  • Partner with your local gym and host a clean eating challenge
  • Launch with ROCKSTAR™ and PALEO™ for a rockin’ program your clients will love. Make this your signature offering and throw in a dash of your mojo to make it really pop.
  • Hookup with a chiro office or even a spa.
  • Build out a 3 or 6-month program for your clients.

How you can use Revitalize™ in your ONLINE business:

  • Host your own virtual whole foods cooking class.
  • Create YouTube videos and teach.
  • Run a challenge online, like a 7-Day Whole Foods Challenge.
  • Sell access to paid workshops and include the 28-Day Whole Foods Program.
  • Host online group programs and charge for access.
  • Combine your mastermind program or wellness signature program with the 14-Day Weight Loss Program.
  • Sell gluten-free, allergy-friendly recipes and suggested meals as e-products to build your list and sell higher-end products and programs to your clients.
  • Use the PPTs or bundle the opt-in freebies and sell the combo by itself as a great list builder. Tons of people will happily shell out the price of a latte for better health and wellness. This is perfect for your sales funnel, leading them to schedule a strategy session with you.
  • Switch up the content to create your own stream of endless veggie shopping lists, recipes, and handouts.
  • Host a series of online classes with the done-for-you PPTs. Educate and reach new potential clients by providing REAL value.
  • Build a reputation. People need to know that you know what you are talking about. End of story.

SNEAK PEEK: Here is the play-by-play of how I use REVITALIZE™ in my very own business…

[HINT: Feel free to snag my ideas and make ‘em your own!]

My offline programs:

  • I partnered with a local gym and taught locally: Operation Fit Moms.
  • I landed a teaching position at Hippocrates Health Institute.
  • I built my one-to-one practice right out of my home office with local clients who sought a holistic approach to their health concerns.
  • I started to make more money, had an increase in both clients and income.

My online programs:

  • I’ve been invited to many summit gigs including the Gut Health Summit as an expert leader.
  • I blog for well known online publications like Williams-Sonoma.
  • I coach hundreds of clients globally through skype.
  • I support 8,500+ plus coaches build their business with these same key principles in the elimination diet.
Full Pay


CLICK HERE for payment plan 3 x $239

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There’s MORE, Sister…

Every entrepreneur needs a community to cheer them on and support their business’s growth.



Remember that time you were sitting at your desk – totally exhausted – and baffled by a client issue? Feels like yesterday.

Oh wait, it was yesterday.

You desperately needed answers but had nowhere to turn.

With SUGAR REPAIR™, you have access to a VIP seat in our exclusive Facebook community of like-minded and supportive health coaches and specialists. These pros have got your back and will help you take your business to the next level.

You also have access to me.

Ask me ANYTHING about your clients, the program, gluten-free whole foods, weight loss, food allergies, or your health and receive straight-up advice and solutions you can apply immediately. I am in the forum daily, answering your questions.

What can I say? I’m here for you.

You’re not alone, Coach.

Sneak peek: The Exclusive Facebook Community


Our community has the support you need. You’ve got the moxie everyone wants.

Together, we’re UNSTOPPABLE.

Full Pay


CLICK HERE for payment plan 3 x $239

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