6-Week Autoimmune Protocol™

Get everything you need to sell & lead your clients through a signature-level program on the Autoimmune Protocol.

Raise your hand if you have $20,000 just laying around…

Did you get butterflies reading that? How’s that gut feeling?

Announcing a Done-for-You program that provides unheard of value in one of the most popular health topics today.

You know it: gut health. Specifically the AutoImmune Protocol (AIP).

Did you get butterflies reading that? How’s that gut feeling?

Announcing your NEW 6-Week Autoimmune Protocol Program that will bring your clients towards digestive wellness.

Whether they’re diagnosed with an autoimmune issue or fighting a chronically cranky gut, your clients will benefit from a tailor-made approach to elimination & gradual re-introduction of known inflammation-causing foods.

The reason I mentioned $20,000 is because that’s the minimum you would spend hiring subject matter experts, creating content, editing, and giving up income coaching clients.

This is your complete, step-by-step plan for you to guide your clients through the strict AIP process without breaking a sweat.

Have you ever felt like...

  1. You’re a pro at managing your gut health through AIP, but covering all the bases to help your clients through AIP makes you want to pull your hair out?
  2. Everyone under the sun has a gut issue and it’s the next big thing that we health coaches have to be prepared to handle?
  3. Your clients are struggling to get results because they have an underlying gut issue or creeping inflammation that’s keeping the pounds on, the sleep poor, and their insides bloated, gassy, or constipated?
  4. You’re chugging along OK with your regular freebies & programs, but your biz needs that special something to take it to the next level?
  5. You’ve seen amazing results in your own life or your friends’ lives from the AIP, but running an AIP Program in your business seems like reaching for the stars?

With Your Done For You Programs you can finally...

  1. FINALLY get enough sleep because you’ve got a constant stream of clients whose exact next steps are precisely planned out.
  2. Stop wasting time chasing the source of your client’s symptoms and support them to make the lasting changes they need.
  3. Take a day off to go to your kid’s soccer game without feeling guilty or afraid you’ll miss a critical text message from your designer, VA, or copywriter.
  4. Feel confident that you can provide expert-quality material to your clients because you don’t have to pay those same experts’ salaries!
  5. Upgrade and expand your offerings to keep your clients with you for the long term without the long hours to make the content that wows them.

Your 6-Week AIP Protocol Program will deliver the results your clients crave.

When you buy the 6-Week AIP Protocol Program, here is what you can do with it…

Hosted by Rachel Feldman

It’s your time to shine and make your name known as a kickass coach.

We’ve done all the research, writing, designing, and editing so that you can jump into the world of signature programs feet first!

That’s why you’ll get a complete set of marketing tools & the entire program delivery package with the 6-Week AIP Protocol Program.

Say goodbye to staying up late & missing precious moments with your family because you’re slaving over Canva or battling with PowerPoint. It’s your job to coach, Coach!

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6-Week Autoimmune Protocol

Autoimmune Protocol Program for health coach

Your health Coach Biz Gets

Epic marketing tools that will have them beating down the doors… and the complete package of materials to deliver a six-week program on the AIP.

Phase 1: Marketing that will get them beating down the doors...

The 6-Week AIP Program includes everything you need to transform your unsure clients into raving fans. You can finally hang up your Content Creator cap and put on your Health Coach crown!

In the marketing section of the 6-Week AIP Program package, you get ALL the materials to both execute & deliver two opt-in freebies & a workshop with AIP & autoimmune-related content.

You also get everything you need to market the AIP program itself, from sales page, to social posts, to a flyer!

This is What You Get for Your Phase 1: Marketing

Get ready for your program to sell out when you unleash these best-of-the-best marketing tools:

3-Day Autoimmune Detox Opt-In Freebie

The complete package to prime your list & turn new clients into fans with valuable content that preps them to dive into the AIP. deliver the perfect mix of info and design to keep your clients excited. Includes 4 parts:

Autoimmune Detox Freebie

Written by an AIP specialist, this gorgeous freebie will help them prepare their body for your AIP program - and get them used to following the guidelines, too. Your clients gets 3 Days of MEALS - 9 recipes.

3-Day Autoimmune Detox Opt-In Sales Page

Put down the credit card - you don’t need a copywriter to get your freebie flying out the door. This Sales Page has the high-converting copy you need to get clients opting in to download the freebie.

5 Promotional Images

Royalty-free, no-watermark promotional images to share on your social media or newsletter.

Thank You Email

Close the loop with an auto email that will bring a smile to their face.

2D & 3D Cover

Beautiful, shareable covers to use on FB ads, social media posts, or anywhere your heart desires.

30 Grab & Go AIP Snacks Opt-In Freebie

This second freebie package means you have TWO options to get your list excited about the AIP program. Use it now, use it later, re-use it next year.

30 Grab & Go AIP Snacks Freebie

Perfect for everyone from a chef to a time-starved Mom, this freebie has 30 unique & delicious snack ideas for all levels of cook, including the “buy it at the grocery store” type! They taste sinfully good without compromising on the AIP guidelines.

30 Grab & Go AIP Snacks Opt-In Sales Page

Get that freebie going without typing a single sentence with this done-for-you sales page.

Thank You Email

Let them know you’re grateful for signing up - and get them warmed up to get more notes from you.

5 Promotional Images

Authentic, stylish promotional images to share across your social platforms & email newsletter.

2D & 3D Cover

Promoting will be as easy as 1-2-3 with posting up a pre-done cover on your social channels.

Complete Workshop/Webinar on “Autoimmune & Women”

This workshop is the complete package to use online, offline, in gyms, in offices, in wellness centers… Every door in your neighborhood will crack open once you pop in with this amazing workshop. You’ll be taking the escalator up to Health Coach Cloud 9 instead of struggling up the stairs.

Gorgeous 26-slide PowerPoint presentation
with a complete script

Say goodbye to stage fright with this scripted savior. Know that you’ll look like a pro with the polished presentation.

4 Promo Images

Share them on your blog, social media, or anywhere else!

Opt-In page

The signups will roll in once you light it up with a professionally designed & written opt-in page.

Thank You Email

Keep them coming back with happy warm fuzzies when they get a special thank you note from you.

Complete Workshop/Webinar on “The Benefits of Bone Broth”

This is your second soup-to-nuts solution to get your clients engaged & show your authority on gut health. You’ll wow them with your knowledge of how bone broth helps the body. Includes everything you need to run it live, recorded, in-person, or online:

15 slide PowerPoint presentation with a complete script

Say goodbye to stage fright with this scripted savior. Know that you’ll look like a pro with the polished presentation.

4 Promo Images

Share them on your blog, social media, or anywhere else!

Opt-In page

The signups will roll in once you light it up with a professionally designed & written opt-in page.

Thank You Email

Keep them coming back with happy warm fuzzies when they get a special thank you note from you.

6-Week AIP Program Marketing Materials

The complete package to prime your list & turn new clients into fans with valuable content that preps them to dive into the AIP. deliver the perfect mix of info and design to keep your clients excited. Includes:

Sales Page for the 6-Week AIP Program

The signups will roll in without you spending thousands on a professional copywriter and designer. Share it with your list and your social pages for even more boost.

5 DONE FOR YOU social post templates posts + 30 social media images to promote the 6-Week AIP Protocol Program

Everything you need for your social media blitz. The written templates are infinitely customizable and the images will have the engagement numbers through the roof.

Flyer for the AIP Protocol Program

Share it online or offline. Hit the streets (real or virtual) with a beautiful, eye-catching flyer that will bring you more eyes.

Collage for the AIP Protocol Program

Use this beautiful collage to promote your program online or offline. They’ll be entranced by the gorgeous photos.

6 Promotional Emails for the AIP Protocol Program

Full of hilarious stories and relationship-building tips, these promo emails will convert workshop/webinar attendees or social media followers to paid signups for the entire 6 weeks.

PayPal Buttons

Taking payments will be as easy as 1-2-3 with these included PayPal buttons. Use them on the sales page to make it seamless for your clients, and improve your conversion of visitors to sales!

Video to Promote your Program

Easily upload to Youtube.com, Facebook to create the pre buzz for your program. Also great for a video/blog aka a VLOG.

Phase 2: Program

Be one of the first guiding your clients through the REAL DEAL Autoimmune Protocol with all the content & guidelines you need to run an entire AIP Protocol Program for 6 weeks.

Your new AIP Program is a safe & effective 6-week framework written by an AIP expert, a thyroid specialist, and a team of my best designers, copywriters, and VAs.

How the Program Works

The first 4 weeks are the Elimination Phase, where your clients remove non-AIP foods from their diet to reset their body & gut. The last 2 weeks are the Transition Phase, where they slowly add foods back in while tracking symptoms.

They end with a clean eating diet made of foods that work for their unique body. You end with a jewel in your Health Coach crown from supporting them through a major life transformation!

You get everything you need to guide your clients, PLUS all the content to execute a safe & effective program that will help them address their gut health.

You can use this program to generate revenue & change your clients lives in SO many ways, Coach!

This program can be your flagship. You can do it online or off. You can pre-record the presentations and run it using video.

You’ll always have a solid program shooting you towards the stars.

During the Program, Your Health Coach Biz Gets

3 Learning Modules with PowerPoint presentations & scripts

You get complete content for every phase of the program! Every 2 weeks your clients will dive into a new subject to prepare them for ultimate gut health. You’ll feel confident delivering them with the included scripts. All PowerPoints are gorgeous, high-quality designs with engaging photography. Creating these yourself would cost $1k in your pocket & 15 hours of your time! Your budget & your family will thank you.

Module 1: Transition

Your clients move from their regular diet to the Autoimmune Protocol in this phase. 26 slide PowerPoint & complete script.

Module 2: Maintenance

They’ll maintain their full AIP diet for 30 days to get real results in their gut. 21 slide PowerPoint & complete script.

Module 3: Reintroduction

Your clients will add foods back in according to the protocol & keep track of their body’s responses. They end with a list of foods that support their immune system & a list of foods that cause symptoms. You’ll end with peace of mind knowing that you brought REAL change to their lives! 21 slide PowerPoint & complete script.

14 support emails

Written by a hilarious copywriter that will keep your clients feeling the love. You’ll get a welcome email, a follow-up email, and twice-weekly support emails. Your clients will feel loved, nurtured, understood, and like you’re holding their hand through every step of this 6-week program.

20 Blog Posts

That you can use during, before, or after the AIP to boost your authority, build your list, and to create more one-on-one signups when you add your personalized CTA. Get inspiration for more social posts or your newsletter, too.

14 engagement images for your Facebook group

End the struggle to get amazing engagement in your FB group with images that ask questions that your clients will respond to. Use them as they are or as inspiration to create your own!

2D & 3D program covers

for every part of your AIP Protocol program that you can use in your newsletter and on social media. You’ve got options, Coach. Use them.

2 Stunning Kick Off and Wrap Up PowerPoints with Complete Scripts

Bring together your program participants at a private event, at a wellness retreat, online, or anywhere else you can dream of for an event that memories are made of. There’s a full script, so you can sleep like a baby the night before.

  • Gorgeous Kickoff PowerPoint with Script
  • Beautiful Wrap-Up PowerPoint with Script

This is What your Clients Get

You know the importance of serving your clients’ needs. You need materials that match their lifestyle and leave them feeling secure when they dive deep into changing their gut health.

That’s why your clients will get only expert-written content with dazzling design in your 6-Week AIP Program.

Your clients will get amazing value, and so will you.

3 Guides, 1 for each Module

The go-to guides are in-depth field knowledge that takes your clients from point A to point Z in the AIP. They cover everything from AIP preparation at home to the food reintroduction process. Guides include lifestyle preparation, food guardrails, symptom checks, relationship between autoimmune & body systems, and more. Your clients will always have a place to go for answers – and you’ll get extra sleep!

Module 1: Transition Guide

21 pages on AIP basics, specific preparatory steps, clear food guidelines, and the process for transitioning to the diet.

Module 2: Maintenance Guide

13 pages on tracking AIP progress in their body; how to measure physical & emotional symptoms of autoimmune flare-ups; interactions between autoimmune disease & health topics like hormones, gluten, gut repair, the brain & endocrine system; finding a great doctor, and more.

Module 3: Reintroduction Guide

10 pages on the safe, tested method for reintroduction; lists of symptoms; FAQs about reintroduction; and, extensive resource lists for the reintroduction process.

Omnivore Recipe Guide

Making every meal so delicious they’ll never believe it’s AIP. Chef-created & professional-tested so you don’t have to. 69 AIP APPROVED recipes created by a chef in partnership with an AIP specialist - you’ll never find a resource this good anywhere else. Your clients will feel supported throughout their experience because they’ll have delicious recipes every step of the way.

6 weeks of suggested meals and shopping lists

Ever wish you could have meal planning as easy as your clients do with these handy shopping guides? Take them in-store for a shopping tour to kickoff your program with a bang. Includes 6 WEEKS OF AIP-specific shopping lists that make it easy to prepare the recipes.

Eat & Don’t Eat Foods List

Guidelines never looked so good. Your clients will be happy as a clam when they can easily reference this handy foods list rather than Googling.

2 Handouts on the AIP Food Pyramid & the AIP Paleo Option

Incorporate these at the beginning to give your clients the knowledge and options they need to make smart choices. Alternately, sell it as a bonus along with the Autoimmune & Women workshop or sell it as a tripwire to engage the new clients who opt-in with your AIP opt-in freebies.

Symptom Journal

The homework your clients need. They’ll keep track of how they feel every time they experience a symptom, making it easy for them to keep track of what’s boosting their body & what’s causing autoimmune symptoms. You can keep an eye on your clients’ progress, too.

Coach, are you ready to be THE Autoimmune resource for your clients? The 6-week Autoimmune Protocol Program has everything you need and more.

Buy it. Brand it. Launch it.

This is how much it would cost for you to create this program






$300 per project

Recipe Developer


Social Media Manager




6-Week Autoimmune Protocol Program

$ 797

What happens when you buy

I send the materials right to your inbox, and you start editing your done for you program.
Then you share, share and share.

Your Time is now my friend...

Say YES to your success!

My name is Rachel A. Feldman

I am a kick-ass business coach for health and wellness professionals, who are sick and tired of having businesses that do not attract the ideal client or when they do, they do not have a system to teach them. I help them define niche, story, backstory, a system, and a leak-free business sales funnel. I had my own health struggles that lead me to be a health coach and then organically became a biz coach after my struggles and mastered my own leak free business funnel system. I went from making 13k to 6 figures by year 3 and now I am proud to say, I rock a business that feeds my soul, my spirit, and my family.


Most frequent questions and answers

For starters, I just didn’t come up with these programs on a whim because I thought they were the “in” thing to do. Before I became a business coach for health coaches and the creator of the Done-For-You Programs, I had an upstanding health coaching practice. I helped support hundreds of clients to reach their goals, uncover gut issues, lose weight, detox properly, break their sugar addiction, and restore their mind, body, and soul using the holistic principles from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I furthered my education at Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, the International School of Detoxification and Natalia Rose Advanced Detox Certification Training. I never stopped learning and I needed these programs for my own clients. These programs are tried and tested to give proven results. I base my programs on the teachings of many world-renowned health experts. When you purchase a Done-For-You Program you can rest assured that there have been 8,500+ health coaches before you who have built thriving practices using these programs. I’m here to support you in the group and so is my team. With us, you’re never alone.

We believe in the power of seasonal eating, which is why we create a different program every season, with new recipes, new social media, new content and deliver this program to you. We have seen coaches build and brand their business using the seasonal detox and clean eating program. If you have any questions, please contact us. The program DOES include seasonal grains and beans.

No worries, email us at [email protected] and we will help get you started on a prior season that works with your location. We have years of seasons waiting to be launched by you!

When you purchase a Done-For-You Program from YourHealthCoachBiz.com you receive fully-editable files in .doc format. All you need is MS Office, specifically word to edit the client files. You can also purchase MS Office 365 for $9.99/month if needed. You can add your name to the copyright information and claim all this hard work as your very own. How awesome is that? All I ask is that you do not publish as an Amazon book, but I’m sure you knew that already because if that were the case everyone would have the same book. Please read the Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer Please.

Investing in yourself and in your business is always worth it. You can’t expect to grow as a business owner if you don’t have the programs you need, the time-saving tools to help you along the way, or the accountability to help guide you through the entire process. With us, you get all of the above plus materials that you can use at any time of the year – even with the detox as the opt in freebies or the power points can be used for your business year round.

Because these programs are instantly delivered to you without a waiting moment, you receive the digital files. Therefore, these programs are non-returnable and because of this, they are non-refundable. If you make a mistake during your purchase please contact [email protected] to resolve the matter.

It takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes it takes an entire team to help grow a health coaching business. You’re not a fraud! I encourage you to rename the programs you purchase, edit the files in your own voice, and add at least 15-20% of your personality anywhere throughout the documents. It’s ok to get help! I want you to coach more and do less of this “back-end” work. Don’t you?

For starters, you get additional support in our free groups! You get me, Rachel Feldman, and access to my team of educated and resourceful moderators from tech support to program launching support. You get it all, coach. I often do livestreaming in the groups to help you as well. If you’d like private one to one coaching then you can email [email protected] , and we’ll send you an application to see if we are a good fit. If you’d like to join Your Health Coach Launch School, you can do so by clicking here. The launch school is perfect for the coach who needs helpful support and would love to get it in a group setting. You can’t beat the value and price of the launch school.

If you need a straightforward, easy-to-sell program that works for all your clients, no matter what their unique needs, this is the one for you. It’s more than just another cookie-cutter cleanse program that puts too much pressure on your client – it’s a program designed to work for every body type, every need and even for every sensitivity.


The Basic option gives you the bare bones of the awesome program but not the business builders, such as the social media, pre-marketing email funnel, opt-in freebies, powerpoint presentations and more.

The Rockstar option gives you everything you need in your business to launch and market your business like a pro. We created the Rockstar option because we know what it takes to be a Rockstar health coach.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of a downloadable product, we do not issue refunds. If you have questions about what product is right for you, please contact us via the chat box at the bottom of the page. Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to supporting you. Please make sure you have read our Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

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