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You CAN End Emotional Eating™

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Let’s talk for a second, health coach.

When you decided to become a health coach, what was your reason behind the decision? Was it to change people’s lives? To see a spark light up in their eyes, because, FINALLY health made sense to them?

Your clients are struggling. They are unaware of their habits or even worse stuck in a cycle of self-destruction. They have a pattern of hitting the fridge instead of facing their problems, they punish themselves for having a treat and eat when their body is NOT asking for nourishment.

Yes, you KNOW there is a solution, and you want to give it to them right? But who has the time to create a full-proof program that will give your clients the results they’ve been desperately needing?

Coach, let’s be honest. No one.

Coach, let’s be honest. No one.

Get ready to meet your clients new best friend: You CAN End Emotional Eating. A program guaranteed to give your clients the results they WANT and your body and mind a well-deserved rest.

This program is:

gluten-free | omnivore | paleo-ish*

*(one protein ball has oat flour)

This program is right for you if…

  • You understand how emotional eating can affect all aspects of your life.
  • You want to teach your clients the tools to fight off unhealthy lifestyles but you don’t have the recipes, the guide and a complete program to give them.
  • You ARE READY to change lives with your charisma and knowledge but do not have the program to launch a full-blown attack against Emotional Eating.
  • You know you don’t have the time or creativity to create delicious recipes and calculate the net carbs and calories, and place them strategically in your client’s lives.

The You CAN End Emotional Eating is not for everyone.

  • If you have the time to make PowerPoint presentations and 1-hour long webinars.
  • If you have the budget and resources to create week’s worth of recipes that WORK.
  • You have a healthy and growing email list of over 10,000 members and do not want to expand to offline coaching sessions, masterminds, and much more.
  • ….then the done for you You CAN End Emotional Eating Program is not for you.

Since you’re here, though, my guess is it IS for you.

The You CAN End Emotional Eating Program is designed to simplify your life. It’s a done for you program built around healthy eating and that is something you believe is everyone’s birthright. Simple enough, right?

**NOTE: Recipes in this program are Omnivore**

“Emotional eating typically results in overeating, it can often lead to poor self-esteem, unwanted weight gain, and obesity. Doesn’t it break your heart when you see the masses of people suffering from this very common situation? I know you want to help them and now you can! Even if you don’t know where to start, or do not have the time to create all elements that are needed to have a successful program – I HAVE THE TOOLKIT FOR YOU. All you have to do is SHOW UP!”

Give your clients the opportunity to reclaim their health and their life while boosting your sales, increasing YOUR confidence in your business and having clients come back for more!

Give your clients the opportunity to reclaim their health and their life while boosting your sales, increasing YOUR confidence in your business and having clients come back for more!

You CAN End Emotional Eating is a fully optimized program that will help your client tackle the told stories, limiting beliefs and address the binge eating.

You can use this program:

  • Online
  • Offline
  • Group Coaching
  • Retreats

I think the real question here is what are you going to do with all that time that you will get back after using the You CAN End Emotional Eating Health Coach Program?

  • More offline networking
  • More online networking
  • More time to cater to your clients
  • More freedom to live your life and spend time with your loved ones

Which translates into:

  • More sales
  • More email subscribers
  • More authority in the field

This program is ready to go, to help you start making a profit now.

No spending hours studying the good or bad effects of every single food.

No wasting money trying to get a personalized program written.

Not a minute wasted while you try to balance a full-time job, a family, and a coaching business.

Start making continuous income today, and focus on what you do best.

Coach, I made the You CAN End Emotional Eating program because I was tired of seeing great coaches like you waste hours trying to put together a program your clients would love. You’ve got better things to do! Get out there and COACH.

That’s not the only reason I made the You CAN End Emotional Eating program, sister. I made it for your clients. They WANT this program. There are those that aren’t even aware they have an issue, and those that have become aware, are drowning in confusion, frustration, and depression. They need a solution ASAP!

Clients these days are SMART. They want info-packed materials, delicious recipes, and NO FLUFF. That’s what this is all about – getting them the details they need and making it as simple as possible for them to succeed.

Help your clients say buh-bye to Emotional Eating once and for all.

The Simplest Way to Start Your Clients on the Path of Self-Healing and Healthy Eating!

How many hours do you spend researching, writing, marketing, and managing your programs, Coach?

Would you like to have that time back for 1:1 consultations, attending events, hosting workshops, or even just grabbing a cup of tea with a friend?

Give yourself a break. This program has everything you’ve been looking for. I’ve made sure to bring on board my top team members to really rock this program launch with you. What this means is that even if you can’t afford a team (yet), you still have mines on your side!

It’s also your ticket to an afternoon off, a booked schedule, and clients who keep coming back because they can see and FEEL the results.

Your Can End Emotional Eating™
Full Pay


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Buy It. Brand It. Launch It.

This program is your…

  • Business-boosting moneymaker, packed with info you can trust and materials that are professional and polished
  • Client-pleasing, time-saving, program loaded with all the recipes and marketing materials you need to wow your clients
  • Perfect tool for online and offline success as a rockstar health coach with a professional and catering approach.

She is depressed. She sees no end to her struggle with food and emotional well-being. She has no discipline but desperately wants to find a way to not only shed those extra pounds she’s been accumulating but also get rid of the gray cloud she’s been carrying over her shoulders.

But she has found you. You have a program that will be able to completely change the ENTIRE way she viewed health and her lifestyle will transform right in front of her eyes. Because you gave her the tools and knowledge she needs to seal away the unhealthy decisions she’s been making for herself.

Coach, you can do this! Launching a program based on the latest research is hard work, but you can do it. You’ve got the materials – they’re right here.

Be there for her. Be the coach who knows what she needs, and has the program to help her succeed. She’ll be back, with friends.

You’ve got this. I’ve got your back.

Get Immediate Access to what’s inside the You CAN End Emotional Eating:

Sneak Peek

For Your Clients …

Give your clients great value and take all the credit, because everything is copyright-free and yours to claim:

  • The You CAN End Emotional Eating Guide (Value $3000) with a stylish design and professional feel, this guide is loaded with all the info your client needs to make it through the program. They’ll appreciate your knowledge and be wowed by your expertise.

  • Recipe Guide: 29 Scrumptious Omnivore Recipes (Value $10,150+): healthy can taste fabulous. Give your clients a taste of good living, one delicious bite at a time. Each recipe is crafted by a professional chef and based on the guidelines for healthy eating. They’ll taste sinfully good, but be great for your clients’ wellness.

  • Vegan Option Recipe Guide: 14 Scrumptious Vegan Option Recipes  (Value $10,150+): healthy can taste fabulous. Give your clients a taste of good living, one delicious bite at a time. Each Omnivore recipe has a Vegan option converted by a professional chef and based on the guidelines for healthy eating. They’ll taste sinfully good, but be great for your clients’ wellness.
  • Three Weeks of Shopping Lists (Value $1200) to keep them in the safe part of the grocery store. We all know how hard it is to buy the right foods – temptation in the store is HIGH. Help your clients stay strong and eat right by showing them how to shop smart.  Two sets of shopping lists for your convenience – one for Omnivore and one with Vegan options.
  • 3 Weeks of suggested meals (Value $1200) You’ve given them the recipes they need to thrive and the shopping list to get the goods. Now you can also show your clients how to combine them for optimum health. These suggested meals make it easy to walk them through what a day of feeding the body the fuel it needs and craves looks like.  Two sets of suggested meals for your convenience – one for Omnivore and one with Vegan options.
  • 3 Rocking Handouts (Value $105 @ $35/ea)
    • Affirmations
    • Emotional Eating Worksheet
    • Self Love Journal
  • Food diary (Value $100): Beautifully designed to keep your client on track to a clean lifestyle, this one is a client favorite every season!
  • Welcome letter (Value $100): The perfect way to say hello, this email is a gentle introduction to the program that your clients will appreciate. Win their hearts on day one.



PLUS, you get everything you need to set up a success signature, gateway or low-end offer to get clients and make money!

For Your Business …

And it’s not just your clients who get great benefits – your business gets the boost it needs to make killer sales and get your name the visibility it deserves!

  • 2 Gorgeous Client-Catching Opt-in Freebies. (Value $3,540) Build your list and boost your cred. with these info-packed, stylish opt-in freebies. Put them on your website to draw subscribers or turn them into mini-programs, webinars, workshops, and more to make a great and lasting impression.
    • Opt-in Freebie #1: 10 WAYS TO DEVELOP A LOVING BODY IMAGE
      • Opt-in Sales Page
      • Thank You Email
      • 2 Banners
      • 1 FB Ad-size Image – to plug into your FB ad platform
      • Social Media Post to promote your opt-in
      • Opt-in Sales Page
      • Thank You Email
      • 2 Banners
      • 1 FB Ad-size Image – to plug into your FB ad platform
      • Social Media Post to promote your opt-in
  • 2D/3D Covers (Value $200): so you can market your program on IG, Facebook or even a blog.
  • Two New Live PPT Presentation Packages with Scripts. (Value $2,520) Imagine only needing to rehearse your talk for a webinar, workshop, or live community event. Your job is just to show up and give a talk with the perfect slides, script, and handouts. They’re right here, fully-scripted and ready for your brand.
      • Handout
      • Optin Page carefully written by my copywriters to attract your prospects into your funnel.
      • Thank You Page
      • Special Bonus: Promo is a snap with images and banners ready to roll with this presentation:
        • 2 Promo Images
        • 1 Banner
        • 1 FB Ad-size Image – to plug into your FB ad platform
      • Handout
      • Optin Page carefully written by my copywriters to attract your prospects into your funnel.
      • Thank You Page
      • Special Bonus: Promo is a snap with images and banners ready to roll with this presentation:
        • 2 Promo Images
        • 1 Banner
        • 1 FB Ad-size Image – to plug into your FB ad platform
  • 6 Pre-marketing emails (Value $600) to prime your existing list. A captive audience is a terrible thing to waste. If you have a list of email subscribers who would benefit from The You CAN End Emotional Eating, these emails will get them ready to buy before you even launch.
  • 6 Support emails (Value $600) , to handhold your clients through the entire transformation process. We all know the start can be rough on any program, but these messages deliver the right motivation to keep them working hard towards health and on course for great results!
  • A High Definition Collage (Value $445) to push your fabulous new program across the internet like a pro!
  • Coaching Manual (Value $1,000): Starting your clients on new program can be tough. The materials you need to find an audience, market your program, and launch effortlessly are right here. Save yourself hassle (and cash). This guide is your personal business coach, and it’s packed with everything you need to get off to a smooth start.
  • A kickass sales page, written by a professional copywriter (Value $1,000+): Some people have a way with words. They know how to place them, exactly what to say, and how to evoke emotion. The end result? Higher sales. Be that someone. This sales page was crafted by one of my top copywriters and is designed to attract and sell your Script to make it easy to rock this powerpoint program to your ideal clients. No more posting a page and hoping it works. This one WILL.

  • Social Media Package (Value $1,870): even for coaches who hate social media. If you’re tired of trying to figure out Facebook algorithms, time tweets, and pose the perfect Instagram shots, this social media package is your bestie. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to master the social web without the headache and maximize your marketing strategy without living on Facebook.
    • PayPal Buttons
    • 10 marketing Images
    • 20 Inspirational Images
    • Two Banners
  • 15 Tech tutorials (Value $1500), because not everyone is a tech whiz. If you’re like me and struggle to get new gadgets, tools, and apps to work, these tech tutorials are life savers. They’ll walk you through each step and save you hassle, effort, and a boatload of frustration.
    • How to use Dropbox
    • How to edit your TOC
    • How to swap Covers
    • How to edit your TOC in MAC and edit footers on all computers
    • How to Swap Covers on your documents
    • How to start a FB Biz Page
    • How to PDF your Powerpoint Presentation for Offline Clients
    • How to edit your Docs and turn into a PDF
    • How to post Directly on your FB Page
    • How to create a cover in Canva
    • How to Create a FB Group and Pin a Post
    • How to make a Bitly Link
    • How to create a PayPal button and LInk to Mailchimp
    • How to use PicMonkey
    • How to use Adobe Spark.
  • Kick off and Wrap up Powerpoints with play-by-play scripts (Value $1,500): Get your new program off to an unbeatable start with the right kick-off webinar or live presentation, and close it just as strongly. Fully scripted, these two presentations offer a quick way to skip stage fright and make a professional, positive and lasting impression


And coach, those aren’t just numbers.

My amazing team of 2 copywriters, 3 graphic designers, 2 editors, and 2 VAs worked around-the-clock to bring you this kickass clean eating program.

Those values above? That’s how much each item cost to create.




You get all this for ONLY $447

Your Can End Emotional Eating™
Full Pay


CLICK HERE for payment plan 3 x $149

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Coach, running a business is HARD WORK.

Every year, you have to master new skills, come up with new materials, and find a way to set yourself apart from the rest. The skills you learned in school just aren’t enough.


You’ve got to innovate.

I want you to be the health coach you’ve always dreamt of. You can make your mark on the world., You just need the right tips and tools to do it.

It’s time to step up your game, sister.

Work Your Mojo ON AND OFFLINE!

Smash the box, coach. It’s time to reinvent the way your practice runs. Let your creativity flow, and you’ll find all kinds of ways to find new clients and keep old ones coming back for more.

Coaching is the HOTTEST industry right now. You KNOW the competition is stiff.

What if there was a simple solution?

It’s all been done for you already – the research, the planning, the writing and the designing – all you need to do is sell it and reap the rewards. The best part? You can get started with just the click of a button.

Here are a few ways to set yourself apart OFFLINE (but DON’T stop with this list, sister – keep brainstorming!):

  • Host a workshop at your home. Serve delicious and healthy treats and make it a fun night for all. Sell your You CAN End Emotional Eating Program to everyone in the room!
  • Launch the You CAN End Emotional Eating Program and insert your favorite products into it to diversify your income
  • Use the You CAN End Emotional Eating Program as a gateway program to help you sell your fave products and even upsell to another, longer program
  • Combine the You CAN End Emotional Eating Program with the services of a personal chef, massage therapist, gym, spa, or naturopath for a kickin’ program that drives sales for both of you
  • Host a group retreat based on You CAN End Emotional Eating Program and SHOW your clients how simple and rewarding this diet is
  • Build a lengthier program for your clients using You CAN End Emotional Eating Program as the base by just REPEATING the process – add more weeks or months for a quick and easy upsell

Looking for tips on rocking the health coaching world ONLINE? These can get you started, but DON’T stop here. Keep innovating!

  • Host your own You CAN End Emotional Eating class online – first come, first serve. Record it live or upload it to YouTube…or BOTH!
  • Create YouTube videos on The You CAN End Emotional Eating Program and teach viewers how to get healthy, then offer the program as an upsell
  • Run a FREE Love your Body Image lifestyle challenge to build your list
  • Sell access to exclusive, paid workshops online
  • Combine another program with the You CAN End Emotional Eating Program for your own spin on this amazing diet
  • Sell the recipes and suggested meals as digital products, then market your new list higher-end products (like the FULL program!) they’ll LOVE.


This program is packed with the materials you need to get back a little free time in your day and recapture a little work-life balance. You’ll be ready for online and offline events, group coaching, webinars, workshops, challenges, 1:1 coaching – you name it.

More importantly, you’ll have a system and the support you need to rock it.

If you’re tired of programs collecting virtual dust on your computer, get ready for a change. Too often, health coaches buy a program (or twenty), but don’t get advice or support to help them rock it. I hate that. You’re investing your time and money in these programs, and it’s my job to make sure you see the value you deserve, coach.

The system you’re getting is mine. It’s what I used to rock my own business to multiple six-figures, and I’ve helped 8,500+ coaches uplevel their businesses, too. It works.

It works because you get more than just materials – you get access to an exclusive group of like-minded coaches who are headed down the path to success with you. Ever run a race, Coach? It’s easier to go the distance when you’re not alone. We’re in this together.

You also get access to my team and me. We’re in the Facebook forum with you, answering questions, giving advice, listening to your concerns, and helping you rock your business. It’s what we live for.

This is not a cookie-cutter program that you’ll have to pay hidden royalties for or wind up needing a thousand add-ons to make it work. You get everything you need to rock an amazing adrenals program: guides, recipes, newsletters, blogs, PowerPoint presentation, session notes, you name it…I’ve pulled out all the stops. There are NO hidden fees; everything is COPYRIGHT FREE.

But Coach, there’s one thing I haven’t given you. Mojo. You’ve got to add your own. Go rock it!

My name is Rachel Feldman

I created this program for you because I know what a challenge it can be to introduce your clients to new concepts, new ideas, new ways to boost, supplement and complement their health, while completely avoiding those programs that don’t educate them properly.

Isn’t it about time you started seeing some real returns on your Health Coach business? Grab this opportunity to get your business growing right now and enjoy the rewards of a wise investment.

When you buy this program, say hello to:

  • More freedom to enjoy your life because the hard work is done for you
  • More clients to use your program because they’ll have everything they need to get started and hire you
  • More cash to finally live your dream life because freedom and money go hand in hand

When you buy this program, say goodbye to:

  • Lost time trying to gather all this information for yourself
  • Investment loss because you deserve to have your investments turn into profit
  • Stress because everything, and I mean everything, is absolutely done for you


They deserve it, and so do you!

There are other ways to use this program, too. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s see what other coaches like you have to say:

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Get your Health & Wellness Business off the ground right here, right now for $587.


Your Can End Emotional Eating™
Full Pay


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What happens when you buy?

I’ll send you an email with your private membership access to download your materials. All you have to do is edit as little or as much as you’d like, launch, and sell your done-for-you program. It’s that simple! If you’ve got questions, you’ll also get access to my support group for any health coach who has ever purchased a Done-For-You Program.

It’s your turn to get clients and get paid.


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Hey, freedom-searching coach. I’m Rachel Feldman; long-time Health Coach turned Business Niche Coach.

I’m the bold, brazen creator of the Health Coach Done For You Programs. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, the International School of Detoxification and Natalia Rose Advanced Detox Certification Training. I’ve been featured in Florida Man and Woman magazine, Mind Body Green, Williams & Sonoma blog, Ripe & Ready, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Forbes, and many others. I am also a featured business educator at the Hippocrates Health Institute.

For years, I struggled with chronic health issues. While digging into the root cause of my own health struggles, I discovered the power of clean eating and detoxing. Clean eating and detoxing became the foundation for my own health transformation, and also the core of my own health coach practice and the Done For You Programs. After building my health coaching business from bare bones to six figures, I expanded my mission to help new coaches follow suit and create their own thriving success. I created these programs for health coaches so they could spend less time creating and more time coaching clients.

To date, I’ve helped over 8,500 coaches finally turn a profit, book more clients, and sell out programs of their own. I am beyond passionate about creating a world with less sickness and more happiness, whether I’m behind the scenes helping other health coaches spread their message and their work with the Done For You Programs or coaching clients how to launch the programs and their business successfully. Even though I’m always on the go, teaching, speaking on podcasts and summits, I always make time for a green smoothie, chocolate at noon, and a cuddle session with my hubby and kids.

I’m here to give you REAL TOOLS to build a business that gives you FREEDOM.

So prepare yourself, coach. I’m ready to reveal every juicy detail of my business success story AND help you crush it online and offline.

Do you still have questions? Please check the FAQ page for answers to common questions.

REFUND POLICY: Due to the nature of a downloadable product, we do not issue refunds. If you have questions about what product is right for you, please fill out the contact form. Thank you for understanding and we look forward to supporting you. To read the full disclaimer and FaQ’s, please visit

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