Over 550,000 potential clients search Google for the term “weight loss” every single month.

Along with searching for the term “weight loss”, they also search for “fast” or “quick”.

Muffin top. Love handles. However they call it, your clients want it gone, yesterday.

Be the coach who can turn their diet around. Those last five pounds – the perpetual spare tire that haunts even the healthiest of us – gone.

All thanks to you.

Your clients want easy, sustainable weight loss. You can start showing them results in just four days, coach. 4 DAYS.

Steer them clear of fad diets and dangerous trends – they NEED your guidance.

This is your chance to offer your clients the weight loss answers they’ve been searching for. It’s all been done for you. Just brand and launch.

Help your clients conquer the grocery store and keep emotional eating under wraps.

The launch-ready, profit-boosting solution you’ve been searching for is right here.

No wasting time researching the best weight loss strategies for fast results.

No spending thousands of dollars to hire a team of pros to create a program for you.

No letting the clock tick while you bust your butt in a 9-to-5 and put your business on the back burner.

It’s time to break into the health coaching industry with what’s trending and profitable.

You’re ready to…

  1. Save time. All the materials you need are here.
  2. Save money. I’ve made this truly affordable for every budget.
  3. Save yourself the stress of trying to be everything to everyone. Start being the CEO of your business instead of every moving part (time is money)!


Download your materials instantly:

  • Build your list with this attractive plug n’ play lead magnet
  • Make money by selling the guide as a low-cost tripwire
  • Funnel in clients by leading to your 1:1 coaching
  • Build your reputation by printing out the guide and using it to host a local workshop
  • Make money by charging a fee to access a private class on metabolism and weight loss
  • Increase your clientele by offering a special for your 1:1 coaching


The 4-Day Weight Loss Reboot

What your clients need to end weight gain and turn their body into a fat-burning machine

All with your brand all over it. You heard me, Coach. It’s COPYRIGHT FREE!


Get immediate access to…

Your clients get these kickass materials that YOU brand. That’s right, Coach. Just add your mojo, and you’ve got the materials you need to rock this season:

  • The 4-Day Weight Loss Reboot e-Guide 26 pages, chock full of health-boosting tips to create a custom-fit approach to sustainable weight loss. All the information your clients need to ditch emotional eating habits and start filling their plates with the right foods.
  • 12 Scrumptious Chef-Tested Recipes packed with filling and healthy foods to make eating the right foods easy for your clients.
  • 4 Days of Meals and Shopping List to help your clients stay in the right part of the supermarket and on track with their weight loss goals.
  • A Stylish Food Diary to make it easy for your clients to keep track of when and why they make their food choices.


PLUS, you get everything you need to set up a successful lead magnet or low-end offer to get clients and make money!

Crush your launch with EPIC sales using the sweet tools I’ve included for you this season:

  • A heart-warming welcome letter that you can plug into Mailchimp, AWeber, or whatever software you choose. Pssst – you can even print this baby out and hand it to people in person, because this ENTIRE freebie can be offered in-person, too (gyms, spas, wherever, whenever you choose).
  • An effective, high-converting opt-in page with just enough of that secret sauce to rock this baby out on Eventbrite, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, or a Facebook event page.
  • Super fly-lookin’ 2D & 3D e-guide covers for marketing your opt-in freebie, because in order to hook you gotta make ‘em look.

  • 3 ready to roll-out banners to upload to your Facebook event, Facebook group, and newsletter header.

  • 5 designer social media images guaranteed to grab attention and get clients to sign up for your challenge!
  • A step-by-step tutorial on how to setup a Facebook event and start a Facebook group, so you can INVITE, BUILD RELATIONSHIPS, & ROCK THE LAUNCH OF YOUR BUSINESS.
  • Mailchimp Made Easy Classes – Four Mini Masterclasses teaching you how to setup and use Mailchimp like a pro, without ripping your hair out. That means you’re launching this cleanse with ease.
  • My exclusive Facebook Group Engagement Guide that shows you how to use your Facebook group to attract your dream clients and get them excited to work with you one-to-one.
  • High Converting Sales Page – so you can launch this epic reboot as a signature program and not an opt in freebie. Convert those raving clients to paid clients.

Don’t miss an opportunity to grow your business. You’ve been waiting long enough to start making a real income doing what you absolutely love. Why wait anymore?

This program gives you everything you need to get started ONLINE or OFFLINE. Here’s how you can put it to work for your business:

Leverage. Let me repeat that, Coach. LEVERAGE. L-E-V-E-R-A-G-E. You know that magic touch that pushes a potential client to finally subscribe to your list, sign up for a program, or commit to 1:1 coaching? That’s leverage.

This program is the perfect…

  • Bonus gift for early-bird subscribers
  • Opt-in freebie offer
  • Free challenge to draw new clients on social media or at the gym
  • Email incentive for signing up for your signature program or 1:1 coaching
  • Tripwire or gateway program for clients who want to ‘test the waters’ before committing to something bigger
  • Value-proving, credibility-boosting, an authority-building tool to rock your business to the next level in your biz

Put it to work for your business NOW and join these happy, successful coaches:

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Everything you need to jumpstart your business is right here for ONLY $87.

4-Day Weight Loss Reboot™
Full Pay


Secure Checkout

What happens when you buy?

I’ll send you an email with your private membership access to download your materials. All you have to do is edit as little or as much as you’d like, launch, and sell your done-for-you program. It’s that simple! If you’ve got questions, you’ll also get access to my support group for any health coach who has ever purchased a Done-For-You Program.

It’s your turn to get clients and get paid.


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Hey, freedom-searching coach. I’m Rachel Feldman, long-time 6-figure Health Coach turned Business Niche Coach.

I’m the bold, brazen creator of the Health Coach Done For You Programs. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, the International School of Detoxification and Natalia Rose Advanced Detox Certification Training. I’ve been featured in Florida Man and Woman magazine, Mind Body Green, Williams & Sonoma blog, Ripe & Ready, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Forbes, and many others. I am also a featured business educator at the Hippocrates Health Institute.

For years, I struggled with chronic health issues. While digging into the root cause of my own health struggles, I discovered the power of clean eating and detoxing. Clean eating and detoxing became the foundation for my own health transformation, and also the core of my own health coach practice and the Done For You Programs. After building my health coaching business from bare bones to six figures, I expanded my mission to help new coaches follow suit and create their own thriving success. I created these programs for health coaches so they could spend less time creating and more time coaching clients.

To date, I’ve helped over 8,500 coaches finally turn a profit, book more clients, and sell out programs of their own. I am beyond passionate about creating a world with less sickness and more happiness, whether I’m behind the scenes helping other health coaches spread their message and their work with the Done For You Programs or coaching clients how to launch the programs and their business successfully. Even though I’m always on the go, teaching, speaking on podcasts and summits, I always make time for a green smoothie, chocolate at noon, and a cuddle session with my hubby and kids.

I’m here to give you REAL TOOLS to build a business that gives you FREEDOM.

So prepare yourself, coach. I’m ready to reveal every juicy detail of my business success story AND help you crush it online and offline.

Do you still have questions? Please check the FAQ page for answers to common questions.

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