Restore Your Gut Health Program™

Your Ultimate Gut Signature Offering


It’s all about your gut.

You know it. I know it. Hippocrates knew it, too.

The gut is a HUGE part of mental, physical, and spiritual well-being, and it gets ignored WAY too often.

From oranges and avocados to bifidobacteria, your well-being depends on the health of your gut. It’s time to bring that front and center.

Introducing the first ever done for you program created to help your clients restore their core: digestive wellness.




Created for health coaches seeking the ultimate business-boosting, results-driven vegetarian, and omnivore recipes to restore the gut and improve wellness.

These Done-For-You Programs are right for you if…

  • You are a brand-new coach, fresh out of school, and you need a program of substance to offer your clients.
  • You are a health professional who wants to build their business on a solid foundation of valuable, niche-specific programs, and offer more than just two sessions and two handouts in any given month.
  • You are a seasoned coach who’s been around the block, have a few launches under your belt, and now you’re ready for time-saving tools so that you can coach more and work the back-end a whole lot less.
  • You are a coach who wants to rebrand, make a name for yourself, and stand out in your industry using niche-specific programs that attract potential clients like a magnet.

These Done-For-You Programs will save you…

  • Stress: You were born to coach and pursue your dreams and that doesn’t include sitting in front of your computer trying to work every single aspect of your business all by yourself. The stress of creating and writing hundreds of pages just isn’t where you need to put your energy when you have clients waiting to be coached.
  • Time: Whether you’re working a 9 to 5 or raising kids, time is of the essence. You can’t possibly clone yourself, and the startup funds to hire a full blown team to do it for you just isn’t there. These Done-For-You Programs will give you more time the minute you say yes to more freedom in your business and choose the niche-specific program of your dreams. One program guide takes 100 hours to complete – imagine what it takes to create the entire program.
  • Money: Let’s talk cash, coach. The value of these programs begin at 8k and end in the ballpark of 30k to create just one. From the program guides to the recipes, sales pages to written emails, social media images to newsletters, and so much more. Why get into a heap of debt when you can get your business rolling in the dough for anywhere between $167-$2,812? Easy pick, isn’t it?

What makes Restore Your Gut Health™ so special?

I have never seen a comprehensive 8-week program that walks a client from Step-A to Step-Z to educate and empower them on all things gut health: toxicity in the body, liver supporting foods for digestion, probiotics and cultured foods, bio-individuality, and more.This program is a step-by-step, repeatable (because gut restoration doesn’t happen overnight) plan for you to guide your client through, both online and offline.

With the Restore Your Gut Program™, you’re given a specific, week-by-week strategy that details what your client will experience and learn through this process. You’re given so many recipes, with options for omnivores and vegetarians, so that you can adapt to your niche, your client’s lifestyle, and their eating habits.

You will be supporting them to make changes so you can both stop wasting time chasing symptoms.

The 8-week Restore Your Gut Health Program™ is for any coach who knows the truth:
That if you don’t start at the foundation of gut health, your client may not get the results they came to you for.

We have to give a big shoutout to the pioneers of the gut health movement. The brilliant minds of Alejandro Junger, Mark Hyman, Frank Lipman, and so many others.

But imagine, instead of telling your clients to go and buy their books, you have a branded program with YOUR name on it, so that your clients can start where we all know they need to.

We know if a person has a leaky gut or digestive issues, we often see hormonal imbalances, sleepless nights, hair falling out, anxiety, constipation, and a myriad of other symptoms related to the gut.

I am not a nutritionist, I am not a doctor, these statements have not been approved by the FDA. This is just me talking truth because, guess what, I have experienced all of the above.

This is why this program is so close to my heart. I birthed toxic children because I was toxic from a digestive system that was imbalanced my entire life.

It’s time to give your clients the building blocks they need to begin restoring the gut.


Is your client suffering from a myriad of symptoms that are totally out of your comfort zone?

Has your client come to you for weight loss but not lost a pound?

If you have clients who are struggling with confusing health issues, constant bloating, or symptoms that you have no idea how to handle, it’s time to stop feeling lost and confused.

You need a program that takes you back to the basics.

Yes, John Douillard, Liz Lipski, Mark Hyman, Donna Gates, we hear you. We will listen to your advice.

We have to restore gut health first, Sister, which is why the 8 Week Restore Your Gut Program is the answer for your 1:1 and online practices.

Stop, collaborate, and listen (like my homey, Vanilla Ice, would say). You need to start here.

RESTORE YOUR GUT HEALTH™ includes the marketing mojo you need to create your signature offering – online, offline, one-on-one coaching, groups, retreats, gyms, spas… this is THE program you’ve been waiting for! Save TIME and MONEY! RESTORE YOUR GUT HEALTH™ is the Complete Package. It’s everything your health coaching biz needs to be known, be loved, and to change lives.

Imagine this: you just wrapped up a detox, cleanse or weight loss program with a client


Your super fans need some more attention. Maybe they have hit a weight loss plateau. Maybe they have other health issues that need to be addressed. Why chase symptoms when you can go after the root cause : GUT IMBALANCES. They need to know how to restore their gut health.

“A hormonal imbalance can cause symptoms like fatigue, bloating, and mood swings that make you want to curl up in bed all day long. To restore health and stabilize hormone levels, it’s important to control Candida by focusing on your digestive health first of all.” – DONNA GATES, Body Ecology Diet

They need to know how to restore their gut health.

They need a program that focuses not just on gut health, foods, and probiotics, but how to break free from the emotional blockage that halts the mind and digestion.

You need a complete program to present to your clients. Something real. Something that lasts longer than a month. Something transformative. Something results-driven. Something focused on Gut Health.

RESTORE YOUR GUT HEALTH™ is for the health coach who is looking for their whole business in one easy package:

151 Collages_Gut_1200px

RESTORE YOUR GUT HEALTH™ is the ultimate all-around gut rebuilding program to reset your client’s health from day one and get them in the best shape of their lives. It’s a massive program with a huge emphasis on eating right for body, mind, and spirit. 

Give your clients the foundation they deserve. Give them gut health 101.

Restore Your Gut Health Program™
Full Pay


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What’s included

in this program?

Handouts, opt-in freebies, pre-marketing emails, tech tips and tutorials…look no further. This 8-week done-for-you gut health program is EPIC. Here’s what’s included:

For your clients…

152 Collages_Gut_Client_1200px

We know the importance of serving your clients needs, which is why we created a Vegetarian and Omnivore Version of the Recipes loaded with 8 Weeks of Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists.  Not everyone’s an omnivore. Not everyone is vegetarian. We get it.

You need materials for your clients that match their lifestyle and their eating habits, and you need a version of BOTH because we believe in BIO-INDIVIDUALITY.

You deserve options, and so do your clients.

  • 2 VERSIONS: Restore your Gut Health Recipe Guides:  Tons of recipes for your client to choose from as well as make substitutions. (Value $2,400)
    • Allergy friendly
    • Dairy free
    • Gut loving recipes to support your client to restore their gut health naturally.
    • Loaded with recipes for smoothies, juices, soups, salads, dips, desserts and cultured foods galore.
    • Chef-designed and flavor-loaded for your clients to support gut restoration naturally.

154 Collages_Gut_Client_Omnivore Recipe Guide_930px

  • Omnivore Recipe Guide loaded with 62 Recipes and 42 beautifully designed pages of recipes.

156.1 Collages_Gut_Client_Vegetarian Recipe Guide_930px

  • Vegetarian Recipe Guide loaded with 59 Recipes and 40 beautifully designed page of recipes.

No groans about ‘diet food’ – these recipes are for REAL food. Chef-designed and flavor-loaded for your clients and that’s JUST what it costs to have these chef tested.)

  • 2 VERSIONS: 8 Weeks of Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists

153 Collages_Gut_Client_Vegetarian_Suggested Meals & Shoppinglist_930px

  • Omnivore 8 Weeks of Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists : Eating well has never been easier, thanks to these detailed shopping lists and suggested meals, and gorgeous design to tie it all together. (Value $1200)

156 Collages_Gut_Client_Vegetarian_Suggested Meals & Shoppinglist_930px

  • Vegetarian 8 Weeks of Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists : making shopping and planning your meals easy as 1-2-3 with suggested meals and shopping lists: (Value $1200)

155 Collages_Gut_Client_7 Info Pack Handouts_930px

  • 7 Info-packed, gorgeous handouts: Ever worry that you won’t have the right materials on hand to wow your clients with that professional look while giving them the information they need? Worry no more. Gorgeous, informative, and thoroughly researched, these handouts are what you’ve been waiting for. Perfect for workshops, group coaching, 1:1 handouts, or use them as cheat sheet opt-in freebies…. you name it. (Value $245)
    • Great Digestion, Good Sleep. Golden Milk.
    • How to face your fears and digest life
    • How to love your crockpot
    • How to remove phytic acid and the benefits for your gut
    • Self-care and good gut health
    • The benefits of alkalizing for a healthy gut
    • The benefits of coconut oil and healthy digestion

157 Collages_Gut_Client_Personal Food Diary_930px

  • Personal Food Diary: A guaranteed smash hit and a key tool in changing eating habits, this powerful personal food diary can help you and your clients identify how they relate to their food. (Value $70)

158 Collages_Gut_Client_4 BiWeekly eBooks

  • 4 Biweekly eBooks: Written to empower your client, step by step and week by week with a plan of action for restoring their gut health. Easy to follow. Easy to deliver to your clients online and offline. Information about probiotics, cultured foods, mono smoothies, reducing toxicity, gut health and more. Perfect for keeping your clients motivated on their journey to better health and wellness, these biweekly ebooks are written by moi and edited by my most trusted editor. Gorgeous interior design and careful research will keep clients engaged and on the track for program success. (Value $4,000)
    • Ebook 1: Program Introduction + All About Gut Health
      Daily schedule + what to expect
      Kitchen facelift
      Understanding food allergies & reducing toxicity
      Probiotics + gut healing foods
      And more!
    • Ebook 2: Understanding Your Body + What to Eat
      Food combining + alkalinity
      Healthy poop
      Liver supporting foods
      Curbing sugar cravings
      And more!
    • Ebook 3: Mind/Body Connection + Gut Health Roadblocks
      Movement, breathing, & other rituals
      Bacterial overgrowth + candida
      Autoimmune diseases + hormonal imbalances
      And more!
    • Ebook 4: Gut Healthy Lifestyle + Wrap Up + Resources
      Healthy snacking
      Healthy eating on a budget
      Suggested Healthy Meal prepping
      And more!

159 Collages_Gut_Client_WelcomeLetter

  • Welcome letter: Make the ideal first impression with a warm, welcoming, and informative letter to help your new clients feel like they’ve known you forever and you’re THE health coach they can count on. (Value $99)

For Your Business…

161 Collages_Gut_Business_1200px

162 Collages_Gut_Business_2 Optin Freebies_930px

  • 2 Opt-in freebies with  2D, 3D images & follow-up letters: Getting signups and keeping the attention of potential clients can be a major obstacle in a world where online business is built on great content, and info overload goes on offline, too. These great opt-ins deliver the perfect mix of value, length, and style to keep your list growing. (Value $500)
    • 5 Steps to Fabulous Digestion – with follow up letter for your client!
    • 5 Smoothies to Banish Bloat ASAP – with follow up letter for your client!

163 Collages_Gut_Business_2 PPT + Scripts_930px

  • 2 PowerPoint presentations with scripts and workshop handouts: Spas, gyms, local wellness centers – doors open when you have the right materials. Give a talk at a private event, at a wellness retreat, or dozens of other settings. This is your ticket to the perfect talk – even online. Use these PowerPoints for webinars or videos, too! (Value $230)
    • 9 Ways to Restore Your Energy & Play by Play Script PLUS
    • Adrenal Fatigue Questionnaire + Top Energy foods for your workshop
    • Simple Steps to Restore Gut Health and Lose Weight & Play by Play Script (Value $140)

164 Collages_Gut_Business_Five 2D & Five 3D eBook Covers_930px

  • Five 2D and Five 3D ebook covers: The perfect cover for your biweekly ebooks that match the program AND the recipe guide. Nothing says pro like coordinating materials with a gorgeous look and great contents. (Value $500)

165 Collages_Gut_Business_Two 3D Collages_930px

  • Two 3D collages: Promote the heck out of your kickass new program with these collages, one showing the omnivore materials, and one with the vegetarian ones. You’ve got options, coach. Exercise them. (Value $890)
  • 6 pre-marketing email sequence: Get your list primed to purchase with these kickass pre-marketing emails. It’s a lot easier to sell to existing clients who already know and love you. Now is your chance to reap the rewards of having an existing list. (Value $300)
  • 10 email support sequence for daily forum or email client support. Great relationships are 9/10ths of business. This support sequence will you’re your clients feel loved, nurtured, understood, and like you’re holding their hand through every step of this 8-week program. (Value $500)
  • 30 blog posts: Looking for the right words? You’ve found them (and saved a lot of hassle in the process). These 30 blog posts hit home with your audience, build credibility, drive search traffic and new clients to your site, and set you up as an authority in your field. Get out there and rock them – even if your biz is mostly offline! (Value $3,000)

169 Collages_Gut_Business_40 Photo's_930px

  • 40 attribution and royalty-free photos of the omnivore AND vegetarian recipes (20 of each): Illustrate your way with these stunning photos, to be used however you want, wherever you want. No strings attached. (Value $1,200)

170 Collages_Gut_Business_KickOff PPT

  • Kick off PowerPoint & Script: Get off to a great start with a PowerPoint that doesn’t fail to make a wonderful impression. Make it a webinar, a live event, bring the party and let your clients love you from day one. (Value $207)

171 Collages_Gut_Business_Launch Stater Kit_930px

  • Launch Starter Kit: You’ve never launched as successfully and stress-free as you will with this kit’s help. I promise. It’s what I use to keep my own launches on target. From tips on planning and a checklist to keep you on track to a sample disclaimer that can cover your butt even in red states, this is the one toolkit every health coach should keep on hand. (Value $497)
    • Business Resource Guide
    • Content Creation Planner
    • Disclaimer Sample
    • Editorial Calendar
    • FAQs Before You Buy
    • Gift Certificate Template
    • Launch Timeline for Pro Marketing and Planning a Launch
    • Referral Letter
    • Workshop Signup Sheet + Follow Up Email

172 Collages_Gut_Business_Where To Begin Manual_930px

  • Where to Begin Manual: Ever been overwhelmed by a program, wondering how to get started? If you’re guilty of getting great materials and letting them collect dust, this manual is the answer. It walks you, step-by-step, through the process of rockin’ your Fall season with the RESTORE YOUR GUT™ program. Uber-organized Mega-Launch Guide Created by My MASTER VA – this mega checklist is your guide to using the entire program. It’s a foolproof recipe for success with step-by-step instructions to simply and easily make yourself the hottest coach around. It’s priceless, Coach. (Value $1,000)

173 Collages_Gut_Business_MockDocument

  • Mock document with 3 kickass header designs for you to test and use: My fave designer did you a favor this season. He made a sheet of eye-popping headers for your stationary. Test each one, see which one you like best, and use it to create your own materials. You’ll have a consistent feel across all of your materials and a 100% polished and pro image. (Value $30)

174 Collages_Gut_Business_OfflineCoaching Package_930px

  • Offline coaching package: Every coach needs a little help from time to time. Online, you can find support and materials fairly easily, but offline? That’s a different game. I’ve got you covered with everything you need to make a great impression in person in this offline coaching package. (Value $497)
    • 8 Weeks of Session Notes
    • Halfway Revisit Form
    • Offline Sessions Welcome Email
    • Testimonials Template
    • Wellness Form
  • A Rockin’ Sales Page From One of My FAVE Copywriters: You need to sell, sell, sell, but finding the right words to get your audience to buy? Leave that to an expert copywriter. Guaranteed to convert, this kickass sales page is one tool you don’t want to do without.(Value $999)

175 Collages_Gut_Business_SocialMedia Package_930px

  • Social media launch kit: Social media is NOT everyone’s favorite. That’s why I built this massive social media launch kit. You’ll be a whiz at social in no time, with tons of signups and popular online events – even if you can’t stand social networking. (Value $2,835+)
    • 3 flyers
    • 4 newsletters
    • 10 banners
    • 20 inspirational messages
    • 20 marketing images
    • 3 FB posts
    • 5 Tweets

176 Collages_Gut_Business_22 Kickass Tech Tutorials_930px

  • 22 Kickass Tech Tutorials: Tech troubling you? These tutorials give you step-by-step instructions to master everything from Mailchimp to Animoto. (Value $2,200+)
    • 4 Mailchimp Training Classes
      • Setting up a Sign Up Form
      • Connecting to PayPal
      • Setting Up Automation
    • Edit Your Table of Contents
    • How to Create a Simple lead page in LeadPages
    • How to Create graphics in Pic Monkey
    • How to Use Animoto and Upload Your Animoto Video
    • How to Add your Sales Page to WordPress
    • How to Host a GoToWebinar
    • How to Create a Facebook Group
    • How to Swap a Cover on Your Word Document
    • How to Create a PayPal Button with Dropdown Menu
    • How to Edit Your Program
    • How to Hyperlink Dropbox and Insert Link to Newsletter Service
    • How to use Canva like a PRO, YO
    • How to Buffer and schedule posts for social media
    • Bitly and creating social media images
    • How to Create the Buzz for your program using social media platforms
    • How to use Adobe Spark
  • 2 Master Classes with Me: Every season, I listen. There are so many health coaches struggling out there. My job? To make your life easier by helping you navigate some of the toughest challenges you face. These master classes are 30 minutes long each and answer everything you need to know about working with clients and bio-individuality and implementing your programs online and offline. (Value $450)
    • Bioindividuality, Gut Health, and How to Work with Clients
    • How to Use This Program Online and Offline



RESTORE YOUR GUT HEALTH™ is a party, Coach, so I invited the best guests. This season, Reed Davis, Summer Bock, and Anne Louise Gittleman are joining us on this 8-week adventure to teach you how important gut health is for you and your client… 3 Tops Notch Interviews!!!


Anne Louise Gittleman. ‘Nuff said. Am I right? This woman is a rockstar, and she’s going to be giving you advice gold during this program. Don’t miss it.

Summer’s jumping in with great advice and tips to help your clients rebuild their guts. Summer is one of the leading experts in gut rebuilding and has forgotten more than most people will ever know about how to rock your core for better overall health. You can’t afford to miss her insights!

Reed’s bringing a special treat for your clients, too.

D.R.E.S.S for Health Success®, A FREE BOOK gift to educate your clients about the importance of diet, rest, exercise, stress, and supplements to their overall health and wellbeing. Can I get a HELL YES?


Oh, and did I mention forum support 24/7 in my exclusive Facebook forum where my assistants and I CONSTANTLY answer your questions???

Epic. Just like you.

Imagine trying to write an 8-week program that completely flows and educates your clients on the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes needed for optimal health and wellness. How long would it take you?

How much time would you spend carefully researching, planning, writing, rewriting, designing, editing, and then adapting it to special diets?

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

Breathe easy. It’s all been done for you. Restore Your Gut Health is THE program for serious health coaches.

Specifically designed to cater to clients in ALL settings, this 8-week mega-program gives you the perfect materials for online and offline, 1:1, group coaching, and more.

Turn it into an ebook, send out meal suggestions, put the program online with your brand on it. THIS IS IT, Coach. It doesn’t get any bigger. Restore Your Gut Health is the largest, most intense program we’ve ever created:

  • 30 blog posts
  • 6 premarketing emails
  • 20 inspirational images, 20 marketing images, and photos of the recipes, too
  • 2 PowerPoints with scripts (you can even turn one into a FULL workshop!)
  • Launch kit
  • Social media kit
  • Tech tutorials
  • A rockin’ kickoff PowerPoint that’s perfect as a webinar, too
  • Tons of added features for ON and OFFLINE

Use the program with groups or singles, and add it as an offering to your other job or hobby. Got a massage therapy practice running? Selling essential oils? Are you a naturopathic doctor? Pro chef? Rock this program with your other skillsets, too!


Total value of RESTORE YOUR GUT™ = $9,214 + $15,975
That’s a HUGE value of $25,189 for just $997!

Ready to Grow your Business?

Restore Your Gut Health Program™
Full Pay


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EVERYTHING you need for a kickass coaching practice, wrapped with a (virtual) bow.

Integrate RESTORE YOUR GUT HEALTH™ into your business.

Your client list will explode, and your bank account will thank you.

You can grow your biz in many ways with RESTORE YOUR GUT HEALTH™.

Consider this your cheat sheet.

How can you use RESTORE YOUR GUT™ in your offline business?

  • Host a workshop at your home. Teach clients how to RESTORE THEIR GUT HEALTH with workshops, presentations, and in-home events that drive signups in droves
  • Combine RESTORE YOUR GUT HEALTH™ with another source of income like a chef, fitness trainer, massage therapist, etc.
  • Host a group retreat focused on a healthy, holistic whole foods lifestyle
  • Partner with your local gym and host a clean eating challenge
  • Launch with ROCKSTAR™ and PALEO™ for a rockin’ program your clients will love. Make this your signature offering and throw in a dash of your mojo to make it really pop.
  • Hookup with a chiro office or even a spa.
  • Build out a 6- or 12-month program for your clients.

How you can use RESTORE YOUR GUT HEALTH™ in your ONLINE business:

  • Host your own virtual whole foods cooking class.
  • Create YouTube videos and teach.
  • Run a challenge online, like a 7-Day Gut Lovin’ Foods Challenge.
  • Sell access to paid workshops
  • Host online group programs and charge for access.
  • Combine your mastermind program or wellness signature program with Restore Your Gut™ for a one-of-a-kind mega-program that delivers results, keeps your clients loving you, and provides measurable results.
  • Sell gluten-free, allergy-friendly recipes and suggested meals as e-products to build your list and sell higher-end products and programs to your clients.
  • Use the PPTs or bundle the opt-in freebies and sell the combo by itself as a great list builder. Tons of people will happily shell out the price of a latte for better health and wellness. This is perfect for your sales funnel, leading them to schedule a strategy session with you.
  • Turn the PowerPoints into paid workshops and make money while drawing new clients.
  • Switch up the content to create your own stream of endless veggie shopping lists, recipes, and handouts.
  • Host a series of online classes with the done-for-you PPTs. Educate and reach new potential clients by providing REAL value.
  • Build a reputation. People need to know that you know what you are talking about. End of story.

Ready to Build Your Empire with RESTORE YOUR GUT HEALTH™?

Restore Your Gut Health Program™
Full Pay


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There’s MORE, Coach…

Every entrepreneur needs a community to cheer them on and support their business’s growth.



Remember that time you were sitting at your desk – totally exhausted – and baffled by a client issue? Feels like yesterday.

Oh wait, it was yesterday.

You desperately needed answers but had nowhere to turn.

With SUGAR REPAIR™, you have access to a VIP seat in our exclusive Facebook community of like-minded and supportive health coaches and specialists. These pros have got your back and will help you take your business to the next level.

You also have access to me.

Ask me ANYTHING about your clients, the program, gluten-free whole foods, weight loss, food allergies, or your health and receive straight-up advice and solutions you can apply immediately. I am in the forum daily, answering your questions.

What can I say? I’m here for you.

You’re not alone, Coach.

Sneak peek: The Exclusive Facebook Community


Our community has the support you need. You’ve got the moxie everyone wants.

Together, we’re UNSTOPPABLE.

Ready to join my business building community?

Restore Your Gut Health Program™
Full Pay


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