6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program or 12 Month Course

Done For You Program For Health Coaches


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Hormonal imbalance. Every person in the world has some type of hormonal imbalance. Right? 

Imagine having this program or course for your clients.

You can launch this program online, offline, as a Hormone Health membership or step-by-step course with the 12 Guides, 12 Modules (Powerpoint and Script) and 6 months of healthy hormone recipes.

Imagine having your 6-month program or your 1-1.

Imagine having a sweet funnel like paleo or detox lead to your 6-month Hormone Mastery Course or Program and upselling your 1-1 or testing.

How do you serve clients who are desperately dealing with everything from acne, to hair loss, to hot flashes, or fertility issues (and a long list of other symptoms)?

Don’t worry – your hormone health program, online or offline course, 1-1 Work with Me Page done. Your business building prayers have been answered.

It’s time to deliver one of the hottest topics in the health and wellness industry.

No more feeling helpless when a client breaks down in tears because they can’t find relief from their painful PMS symptoms or peri-menopause or menopause.

No more endless hours in front of the computer, piecing together info from 34 websites, trying to create a plan and be a valuable resource for the people who’ve paid you to help.

The 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program or 12 Module Course gives you everything you need to confidently guide your clients through a step-by-step system that supports healthy hormones and a vibrant life.

I partnered with a hormone specialist to create this detailed, comprehensive program with unlimited possibilities to grow your business online and offline.

There is NOT one other done-for-you HORMONE HEALTH PROGRAM or COURSE out there that provides:

  • 6 months of recipes & suggested meals for both omnivores AND vegetarians
  • 12 modules that dive deep into the essential topics related to balancing hormones and how to fix them.
  • Scripts, powerpoint presentations, client session documents, sales page, email sequence, and everything you need behind-the-scenes to market, fill, and run your programs online or offline


CLICK HERE for payment plan 3 x $666

Get ready to have people ecstatic about your services, and referring you to all their friends.

The 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program or 12 Module Course is for the wellness pro who is…

  • Passionate about providing a deep, transformational experience that truly changes lives.
  • Ready to have hormone health recipes (for omnivores AND vegetarians), suggested meals, resources, list builders, scripts, powerpoints, and session materials ready to roll out ASAP – no research or testing required.
  • Excited to have a single program that instantly serves as a 1:1, group program, mastermind, workshop, membership, or any other offer style you can think of.

The 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program or 12 Month Course is designed to give you every piece of the puzzle – from client deliverables to business-builders. Nothing has been left out.

It’s time to finally to step away from writing content and start to spend more time meeting clients and doing your self-care.

You can have the perfect funnel when you buy this hormone program or course and create a membership, build your work with me page or use this as an upsell in your 1-1 to an exclusive Hormone Mastery Program.


CLICK HERE for payment plan 3 x $666

Imagine having 12 value-packed modules you can run through six months all about hormonal balance! Covering the essentials but also going deep into understanding liver Detoxification, Thyroid Health, Adrenals, even understanding the menstrual cycle!

Can you guess how many hours have been spent creating all these value stuffed modules? Each one with a power point presentation and a script, ready for you to splash some of your fabulous personality and have you do what you were born to do: CHANGE LIVES!

You can transform into the hero your clients need right now, to fight off obesity, toxicity, depression and so many other pesky consequences to hormonal imbalance by using the tools in this program, educating YOUR CLIENTS on how the body works, and helping them obtain the energy, end tummy issues, blood sugar imbalances and more.

Coach, I created The 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program or 12 Module Course because I have been asked for 3 years to create this one of a kind program/course. You’ve got more important things to do (like serving clients, sharing your message, and living your life)!

I didn’t just design this program to make your business infinitely easier, though. I created it because hormonal imbalance affects so many women. So many people are suffering, unaware of what ails them, or unsure where to even start with improving their wellness.

Clients these days are SMART. They want info-packed materials, delicious recipes, and NO FLUFF. That’s what this program is all about – getting them the details they need and making it as simple as possible for them to succeed. It’s about getting them the results they are dying for!

There is no other done-for-you program or course available on the market with this level of business tools, and valuable info included to help your clients and help you uplevel your biz. Period.

This is your one-stop hormone recovery – retune- reboot program or course.

How many hours do you spend researching, writing, marketing, and managing your programs, Coach?

Most of us have been there: Spending tons of time and energy on creating, creating, creating and not enough time on building your brand.


It’s time to give yourself a break.

Wouldn’t you LOVE to have that time back for 1:1 consultations, attending events, hosting workshops, making a name for yourself, or even just grabbing a cup of tea with a friend?

This program gives you the opportunity to show up and serve your clients powerfully, WITHOUT wasting your precious minutes, hours, or days trying to build out your signature program and the materials to market it.

The 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program, or Course has it all – read, rockin’, and completely DONE. FOR. YOU.


CLICK HERE for payment plan 3 x $666

Meet Your Client’s New Program: The 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program A Done-For-You Program For Health Coaches

Here’s a taste of the epic online and offline possibilities. Use this program as your…

  • Signature 1:1 Coaching Program: whether you meet with clients in your living room or online Zoom room, they’ll get to experience high-level hormone health support with you.
  • Group Coaching or Mastermind Program: guide your group online or offline to balanced hormones and vibrant health.
  • Self-Paced Online Course: Do you use ClickFunnels? Teachable? Thinkific? You can easily plug in the 12 modules in this program and BOOM! You’ve got a six-month course for your clients.
  • Online Membership Program: it can be as simple as setting up a private Facebook group with the 12 modules as Units. Or get fancy with a separate membership site. Either way, it’s recurring monthly revenue for your biz.
  • Offline Workshop Series: build authority in your local community with a series of workshops on different hormone-related topics and guide participants into your higher-level offers.

These ideas are just the tip of the wellness business iceberg.

No matter how you decide to rock this incredible hormone health system, you’ll have a business-boosting moneymaker, packed with info you can trust and materials that are polished and pro.

The 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program, or Course is your client-pleasing, time-saving, wellness solution loaded with all the recipes and marketing materials you need to wow your clients and deliver the results they’ve all been waiting for.

She is tired. She is depressed. She may be trying to get rid of the extra pounds. Her words are sluggish, frustrated, sick. She’s on the verge of throwing in the towel.

Don’t let her! You can give her the glimmer of hope that will change her life forever by shedding light on something that all women are experiencing: hormone imbalances. Whatever it is that’s what YOU are here for!

Coach, it is your life’s mission to help her and many other clients like her. Launching a program based on the latest research is hard work, but you can do it. You’ve got the materials – they’re right around the next click!

Be there for your clients. Be the coach who knows what they need, and has the program to help them succeed with autoimmune, weight loss and having more energy.

You’ve got this. I’ve got your back. Build your tribe!


Sneak Peek

For Your Clients …

Give your clients great value and take all the credit, because everything is copyright-free and yours to claim:

  • 12 Hormone Health Modules loaded with a PowerPoint Presentation, Script and Guide for every month or module. You can guide your clients through a total hormone transformation with professionally designed presentations, easy to follow scripts, handouts and everything you need! (Value $1757ea x 12 modules = $21,084)





  • 3 Rocking Handouts to add even more value to your programs. Use these as opt-in freebies or additional resources – either way, it’s all done for you. (Value $105 @ $35/ea)
    • DIY Recipes for Cleaning + Beauty Supplies
    • Seed Cycling
    • Thyroid Boosting Foods

Many of you ask about the recipes – here’s the deal…

This program comes with recipes for both Vegetarians AND Omnivores.

All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, and packed with hormone-balancing foods.

  • TWO 6-month Recipe Guides – one for Vegetarians and another for Omnivores! (value $18,850 for Vegetarian + $17,850 for Omnivore = $36,700)
    • Vegetarian Recipe Guide has 54 recipes
    • Omnivore Recipe Guide has 52 recipes
    • Each recipe guide includes 50+ recipes created by a professional chef to be:
      • gluten-free
      • dairy-free
      • and crafted with foods to boost, balance and support hormonal recovery.

Give your clients a taste of healthy living, one delicious bite at a time. They’ll taste sinfully good, AND be great for your clients’ wellness.

  • 6 months of suggested meals with shopping lists – one for Vegetarians and another for Omnivores (value $4800): You’ve given them the recipes they need to thrive. Now you can also show your clients how to combine them for variety and easy preparation.  Your clients will not stress because they have the suggested meals and the shopping lists.
  • A Welcome/Thank you Email (value $100) to break the ice with your new clients and provide a high-touch, high-value experience.
  • A Beautiful Food Diary (value $100): so your clients can keep track and hold themselves accountable throughout the program. Another way of supporting their success!



PLUS, you get everything you need to set up a success signature or gateway offer to get clients and make money!

For Your Business …

And it’s not just your clients who get great benefits – your business gets the boost it needs to make killer sales and get your name the visibility it deserves!

Opt-in Freebie for Coaches Fall Program

  • 2 Beautiful Client-Catching Opt-in Freebies. Build your list and boost your cred with these info-packed, stylish opt-in freebies. Put them on your website to draw subscribers or turn them into mini-programs, webinars, workshops, and more to build a great and lasting impression. (Total Value $1770ea x 2 = $3540)
    • Opt-in Freebie #1: 5 Herbs to Naturally Balance Hormones
      • Banner
      • Cover to promote your opt-in
      • FB AD Image
      • Guide
      • Opt-in Sales Page
      • Thank You Email
    • Opt-in Freebie #2: Foods for Insomnia When You Have Hormonal Imbalance
      • Banner
      • Cover to promote your opt-in
      • FB AD Image
      • Guide
      • Opt-in Sales Page
      • Thank You Email
  • 6 pre-marketing emails (Value $600) to prime your existing list. A captive audience is a terrible thing to waste. If you have a list of email subscribers who would benefit from the 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program, this list will get them ready to buy before you even launch.
  • 48 support emails (Value $4800), to accompany your clients through the entire 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program. We all know the start of a new life can be tough, but these messages deliver just about the right stuff to get them on the road to success.

  • The SOCIAL MEDIA PACKAGE (Value $2370) to entice and peak interest across all platforms. Just PLUG AND AUTOMATE
    • 2 FB POSTS
    • 5 TWEETS
    • 20 Images about hormones
    • 21 Marketing Images
    • Flyer
    • 6 Paypal Buttons


  • 20 Blogs (Value $1875) We did the writing for ya! No more spending time doing something that may or may not be your passion. Just plug these onto your website, automate your marketing and promote!
  • A kickass sales page, written by a professional copywriter (Value $1,000+) This sales page was crafted by one of my top copywriters and is designed to attract and sell your 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program™ to your ideal clients. No more posting a page and hoping it works. This one WILL.
  • A Thank You Email (Value $100) to break the ice with your new clients and introduce yourself to them for a long lasting relationship.

  • Kick off & Wrap Up Powerpoint with Scripts (Value $2520): Get your new program off to an unbeatable start with the right kick-off webinar or live presentation, and close it just as strongly. Fully scripted, these two presentations offer a quick way to skip stage fright and make a professional, positive and lasting impression.
  • Launch Checklist (Value $150): If time is everything, this list is pure gold. This is the list I use for my own launches, so I know you are going to love it!
  • Launch Biz Toolkit (Value $675): This is the toolkit I use for my own launches. The team and I never launch without it!
  • Coach’s Manual (Value $1000): More than a manual, this is your launch blueprint. Quit dreaming of being an uber-organized coach! You can transform into her now!

Offline Package for Hormone Program

  • Offline Package (Value $770): Because no successful coach has ONLY transformed lives ONLINE. Your hustle has to expand and cross boundaries! Go ahead and evolve your hustle, baby!
    • A 15-page Client Journal
    • Halfway Revisit Form
    • Session Notes
    • Start Here Form
    • Testimonial Form

  • 30 Photos of Recipes – 15 Omnivore, 15 Vegetarian (Value $4500): Gorgeous recipes photos you can use to further promote your program and look well put together out there!
  • 2 High Definition Collages (Value $890) to feature a fabulous new program across all avenues and market your program in a high impact way.
  • Pricing Guide (Value $75): Know what to charge and don’t be afraid to ask what you are worth!
  • 16 Tech Tutorials (Value $1500): These videos will teach you everything you need to know to get your program up and running!

Two Powerpoints Done For You

  • 2 LIVE PPT Presentations (Value $2520): To help you grow your email list and dramatically increase your visibility so that your clients and potentials start seeing what you are all about!
  • 5 Root Causes You Have Hormonal Imbalance
    • Flyer to promote online or offline
    • A 4 Page Handout to go along with the presentation
    • A beautifully designed, 14 slides PowerPoint Presentation
    • Promotional images for social media
  • 5 Root Causes of Hormonal Imbalances Script.
    • 10 Foods to Bring You Back to Hormonal Harmony
    • Flyer to promote online or offline
    • A 3 Page Handout to go along with the presentation
    • A beautifully designed, 15 slides PowerPoint Presentation
    • Promotional images for social media
    • 10 Foods to Bring You Back to Hormonal Harmony Script.

Value $26,865

And coach, those aren’t just numbers.

My amazing team of 2 copywriters, 3 graphic designers, 2 editors, and 2 VAs worked around-the-clock to bring you this kickass clean eating program.

Those values above? That’s how much each item cost to create.




You get all this for ONLY $1997

The 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program™
Full Pay


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Every year, you have to master new skills, come up with new materials, and find a way to set yourself apart from the rest. And let’s be real – the business skills you learned in school just aren’t enough.


You can make your mark on the world, health coach. You just need the right strategy and tools to do it.

It’s time to reinvent the way your practice runs.

Let your creativity flow, and you’ll find all kinds of ways to attract new clients and keep old ones coming back for more. You just need that one break! It’s here. Right around this click!

Coaching is the HOTTEST industry right now. You KNOW the competition is stiff.

What if there was a simple solution?

Here are a few ways to set yourself apart OFFLINE (but DON’T stop with this list, sister – keep brainstorming – the possibilities are endless)

  • Host a workshop at your home. Serve delish keto treats and make it a fun night for all. Sell your 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program to everyone in the room!
  • Launch the 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program and insert your favorite products into it to diversify your income.
  • Use the 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program as a gateway program to help you sell your fave products and even upsell to another, longer or higher ticket program.
  • Combine the 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program with the services of a personal chef, massage therapist, gym, spa, or naturopath for a kickin’ program that drive sales for both of you. Network, network, network!
  • Host a group retreat based on the 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program and SHOW your clients how simple and rewarding this diet is.
  • Build a lengthier program for your clients using the 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program or Course

Looking for tips on rocking the health coaching world ONLINE? These can get you started, but DON’T stop here. Keep innovating!

  • Host your own 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program class online – first come, first serve. Record it live or upload it to YouTube…or BOTH!
  • Create YouTube videos on the 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program and teach viewers how to get healthy with keto, then offer the program as an upsell
  • Run a Detox, then lead them to your 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program like IIN Graduate and FDN practitioner Megan Rand
  • Sell access to exclusive, paid Hormone Rebalance workshops online
  • Combine another program with the 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program. Sell the recipes and suggested meals as digital products, then market your new list of higher-end products (like the FULL program!) they’ll LOVE.


This program is packed with the materials you need to get back a little free time in your day and recapture a little work-life balance. You’ll be ready for online and offline events, group coaching, webinars, workshops, challenges, 1:1 coaching – you name it.

More importantly, you’ll have a system and the support you need to rock it.

If you’re tired of programs collecting virtual dust on your computer, get ready for a change. Too often, health coaches buy a program (or twenty) but don’t get advice or support to help them rock it. I hate that. You’re investing your time and money in these programs, and it’s my job to make sure you see the value you deserve, coach.

The system you’re getting is mine. It’s what I used to rock my own business to multiple six-figures, and I’ve helped 8,500+ coaches uplevel their businesses, too. It works.

It works because you get more than just materials – you get access to an exclusive group of like-minded coaches who are headed down the path to success with you. Ever run a race, Coach? It’s easier to go the distance when you’re not alone. We’re in this together.

You also get access to me and my team. We’re in the Facebook forum with you, answering questions, giving advice, listening to your concerns, and helping you rock your business. It’s what we live for.

This is not a cookie-cutter program that you’ll have to pay hidden royalties for or wind up needing a thousand add-ons to make it work. You get everything you need to rock an amazing adrenals program: guides, recipes, newsletters, blogs, PowerPoint presentation, session notes, you name it…I’ve pulled out all the stops. There are NO hidden fees; everything is COPYRIGHT FREE.

But Coach, there’s one thing I haven’t given you. Mojo. You’ve got to add your own. Go rock it!

The 6 Month Retune Your Hormones Program™
Full Pay


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What happens when you buy?

I send the materials right to your inbox, and you start editing your done for you program.
Then you share, share and share.

The time is now my friend.

Just click here to SAY yes to your success.

Rachel Feldman

My name is Rachel A. Feldman.

I am a kick-ass business coach for health and wellness professionals, who are sick and tired of having businesses that do not attract the ideal client or when they do, they do not have a system to teach them. I help them define niche, story, backstory, a system, and a leak-free business sales funnel. I had my own health struggles that lead me to be a health coach and then organically became a biz coach after my struggles and mastered my own leak free business funnel system. I went from making 13k to 6 figures by year 3 and now I am proud to say, I rock a business that feeds my soul, my spirit, and my family.

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