Mastering Midlife Program™

Your Ultimate Midlife Signature Offering

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It’s all about health, hormones and happiness.

The body of a woman is complex and nothing is one-size-fits-all when it comes to dealing with midlife.

We have to look at ALL parts of being a woman including mental, physical, and spiritual well-being which gets ignored WAY too often.

No matter how you slice it, as women we need more attention. 

It’s time to bring our health front and center.

Introducing the first ever done for you program created to help your clients restore their HORMONAL HEALTH IN MIDLIFE.


Mastering Midlife ™


Created for health coaches seeking the ultimate business-boosting, results-driven vegAN and omnivore recipes to restore HORMONE BALANCE.

Recipes are: Vegan and Omnivore Suggestions.

These Done-For-You Programs are right for you if…

  • You are a brand-new coach, fresh out of school, and you need a program of substance to offer your clients.
  • You are a health professional who wants to build their business on a solid foundation of valuable, niche-specific programs, and offer more than just two sessions and two handouts in any given month.
  • You are a seasoned coach who’s been around the block, have a few launches under your belt, and now you’re ready for time-saving tools so that you can coach more and work the back-end a whole lot less.
  • You are a coach who wants to rebrand, make a name for yourself, and stand out in your industry using niche-specific programs that attract potential clients like a magnet.

These Done-For-You Programs will save you…

  • Stress: You were born to coach and pursue your dreams and that doesn’t include sitting in front of your computer trying to work every single aspect of your business all by yourself. The stress of creating and writing hundreds of pages just isn’t where you need to put your energy when you have clients waiting to be coached.
  • Time: Whether you’re working a 9 to 5 or raising kids, time is of the essence. You can’t possibly clone yourself, and the startup funds to hire a full blown team to do it for you just isn’t there. These Done-For-You Programs will give you more time the minute you say yes to more freedom in your business and choose the niche-specific program of your dreams. One program guide takes 100 hours to complete – imagine what it takes to create the entire program.
  • Money: Let’s talk cash, coach. The value of these programs begin at 8k and end in the ballpark of 30k to create just one. From the program guides to the recipes, sales pages to written emails, social media images to newsletters, and so much more. Why get into a heap of debt when you can get your business rolling in the dough for anywhere between $167-$2,812? Easy pick, isn’t it?

What makes MIDLIFE MASTERY™ so special?

I have never seen a comprehensive 3-month program that walks a client from Step-A to Step-Z to educate and empower them on all things important during midlife. This program is a step-by-step plan for you to guide your client through achieving body balance during midlife, and you can do it both online and offline.

With the Mastering Midlife Program™, you’re given a specific, week-by-week strategy that details what your client will experience and learn through this process. You’re given so many recipes, with options for omnivores and vegans, so that you can adapt to your niche, your client’s lifestyle, and their eating habits.

You will be supporting them to make changes so you can both stop wasting time chasing symptoms.

The 3-Month Mastering Midlife Program™ is for any coach who knows the truth: A Woman's Body Deserves Holistic Attention.

Imagine having a branded program with YOUR name on it, so that your clients can start where we all know they need to, get the results they want, and rid those annoying symptoms keeping them up at night once and for all.

We know as a woman approaches midlife, we often see hormonal imbalances, sleepless nights, hair falling out, anxiety, digestive issues, skin issues, brain fog, hot flashes, and a myriad of other symptoms she's too embarrassed to talk about.

I actually took control of my health in my mid 40s during a major hormonal imbalance. 

This is why this program is so close to my heart. I want every woman to feel amazing in her prime.

It’s time to give your clients the building blocks they need to begin restoring their body during midlife.


Is your client suffering from a myriad of symptoms that are totally out of your comfort zone?

Has your client come to you for weight loss but not lost a pound?

If you have clients who are struggling with confusing health issues, brain fog, or hormonal symptoms like lack of sleep and hot sweats that you have no idea how to handle, it’s time to stop feeling lost and confused.

You need a program that can help.

Which is why the 12 Week Mastering Midlife Program is the answer for your 1:1 and online practices.

You need a proven plan, so start here.

MIDLIFE MASTERY™ includes the marketing mojo you need to create your signature offering - online, offline, one-on-one coaching, groups, retreats, gyms, spas... this is THE program you’ve been waiting for! Save TIME and MONEY! MIDLIFE MASTERY™ is the Complete Package. It’s everything your health coaching biz needs to be known, be loved, and to change lives.

Imagine this: you just wrapped up a detox, cleanse or weight loss program with a client ... NOW WHAT?

Your super fans need some more attention. Maybe they have hit a weight loss plateau. Maybe they have other health issues that need to be addressed. Why chase symptoms when you can go after the root cause. They need to know how to master midlife.

"A hormonal imbalance can cause symptoms like fatigue, bloating, and mood swings that make you want to curl up in bed all day long. To restore health and stabilize hormone levels, it's important to control Candida by focusing on your digestive health first of all." - DONNA GATES, Body Ecology Diet

They need a program that focuses not just on gut health, hormone health, foods, and probiotics, but how to break free from dozens of symptoms that occur during midlife – lack of sleep, poor energy, skin issues, digestive issues, brain fog, hair loss, night sweats, hot flashes, low libido, you name it.

You need a complete program to present to your clients. Something real. Something that lasts longer than a month. Something transformative. Something results-driven. Something focused on Midlife.

MASTERING MIDLIFE™ is for the health coach who is looking for their whole business in one easy package:

Has your client come to you for weight loss but not lost a pound?

MASTERING MIDLIFE™ is the ultimate all-around body rebuilding program to reset your client’s health from day one and get them in the best shape of their lives. It’s a massive program with a huge emphasis on looking at a woman's body during their prime - midlife.

Give your clients the foundation they deserve.
Give them Mastering Midlife.


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Mastering Midlife Recipe Guides: 2 versions

Tons of recipes for your client to choose from as well as make substitutions. (Value $2,400)

  • Allergy friendly
  • Dairy free
  • Hormone loving recipes to support your client to restore their hormone health naturally.
  • Loaded with recipes for smoothies, juices, soups, salads, dips, desserts. High Protein, High Fat, High Fiber.
  • Chef-designed and flavor-loaded for your clients to support gut restoration naturally.
  • Omnivore Recipe Guide loaded with 52 Recipes and 33 beautifully designed pages of recipes.
  • Vegan Recipe Guide loaded with 52 Recipes and 33 beautifully designed page of recipes.

No groans about ‘diet food’ – these recipes are for REAL food. Chef-designed and flavor-loaded for your clients and that’s JUST what it costs to have these chef tested.)

We know the importance of serving your clients needs, which is why we created a Vegan and Omnivore Version of the Recipes loaded with 3 months of Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists.  Not everyone’s an omnivore. Not everyone is vegan. We get it.

You need materials for your clients that match their lifestyle and their eating habits, and you need a version of BOTH because we believe in BIO-INDIVIDUALITY.

You deserve options, and so do your clients.

6 biweekly Teaching Systems

Written to empower your client, step by step and week by week with a plan of action for restoring their gut health. Easy to follow. Easy to deliver to your clients online and offline. Perfect for keeping your clients motivated on their journey to better health and wellness, these biweekly ebooks are written by moi and edited by my most trusted editor. Gorgeous interior design and careful research will keep clients engaged and on the track for program success. (Value $4,000)

Weeks 1 & 2

Module 1: Hormones

  • Guide – A Complete Go-To 21 page guide.  In this guide we introduce hormone health for perimenopause and menopause.!
  • PowerPoint Presentation – with 53 slides to walk your clients through module 1 with ease.
  • Script – This client inspiring presentation comes complete with a done-for-you script!

Table of Contents:

1. What is Perimenopause?
– Symptoms of Perimenopause
2. What is Menopause?
– Symptoms of Menopause
3. Importance of Holistic Care During Perimenopause
4. Understanding Hormonal Changes
– Estrogen and Progesterone Fluctuations
– Thyroid Hormone Fluctuations
– Cortisol Fluctuations
– Testosterone Fluctuations
– Insulin Fluctuations
5. Impact on various bodily functions and systems
6. Nutritional Support for Hormonal Balance
– Nutrients Supporting the Midlife Years
– Herbal Supplements Supporting the Midlife Years
7. Exercise for Hormonal Balance
– Exercise Routines During Perimenopause
– Exercise Routines During Menopause
8. Emotional Well-Being
– Mood Swings
– Anxiety and Irritability
– Strategies for Stabilizing Emotional Well-being
9. Hormone Testing and Monitoring
– Regular Assessments of Hormone Levels
10. Planning for Perimenopause
11. Resources

Weeks 3 & 4

Module 2: Blood Sugar

  • Guide – A Complete Go-To 14 page guide.  In this guide we break down blood sugar and its effects on hormone health. 
  • PowerPoint Presentation – with 54 slides to walk your clients through module 2 with ease.
  • Script – This client inspiring presentation comes complete with a done-for-you script!

1. Hormonal Changes Impacting Blood Sugar Levels
– Estrogen’s Role in Insulin Regulation
– Progesterone’s Influence on Glucose Metabolism
2. Blood Sugar Fluctuations during Midlife: Perimenopause and Menopause
– Increased Risk of Insulin Resistance
3. Potential Symptoms of Blood Sugar Fluctuations
– Symptoms of High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia)
– Symptoms of Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia)
4. Dietary Considerations
– Role of Carbohydrates in Managing Blood Sugar
– Role of protein in managing blood sugar
– Role of healthy fats in managing blood sugar
5. Nutritional Supplements
6. Physical Activity and Blood Sugar Management
– Benefits of Physical Activity on Blood Sugar
– Exercise routines for balanced blood sugar
7. Stress Management and Blood Sugar
– Blood Sugar Awareness during Midlife
– Increased risk of type 2 diabetes
8. Importance of Monitoring Blood Sugar during Midlife

Weeks 5 & 6

Module 3: Sleep

  • Guide – A Complete Go-To 14 page guide.  In this guide we break down sleep and its effect on hormones. 
  • PowerPoint Presentation – with 44 slides to walk your clients through module 3 with ease.
  • Script – This client inspiring presentation comes complete with a done-for-you script!

1. Importance of Sleep during Midlife
– What influences sleep during midlife?
2. Hormonal Impact on Sleep
– Estrogen
– Progesterone
3. Stress and Sleep
4. Common Sleep Disturbances During the Midlife Phase
– Insomnia
– Night Sweats and Hot Flashes
– Mood-related sleep disturbances
5. Lifestyle Factors Influencing Sleep During Midlife
– Nutritional Considerations for Better Sleep
– Exercise Considerations for Better Sleep
6. Sleep Hygiene Practices
– Create a Sanctuary of Rest
– Establishing Consistent Sleep Routines
– Mindful Practices Before Bedtime
7. Herbal and Natural Remedies for Sleep
– Herbal Supplements Supporting Sleep
– Natural Remedies & Relaxation Techniques Supporting Sleep
– Essential Oils Supporting Sleep
8. Emotional Well-being and Sleep
– Supporting Emotional Well-being for Better Sleep
9. Resources

Weeks 7 & 8

Module 4: Environmental Toxins and Beauty Care

  • Guide – A Complete Go-To 15 page guide.  In this guide, we break down environmental toxins and their effect on hormones. 
  • PowerPoint Presentation – with 49 slides to walk your clients through module 4 with ease.
  • Script – This client inspiring presentation comes complete with a done-for-you script!

1. Impact of Environmental Toxins during Midlife
– Beauty Care during Menopausal Years
2. Environmental Toxins and Hormonal Disruption
– How do toxins disrupt endocrine function?
– Environmental exposures and hormonal changes during perimenopause and menopause
3. Clean Beauty Care Products
– Choosing clean and toxin-free beauty products
4. Nutritional Support for Skin Health
– Dietary Choices for Skin Nourishment
5. Natural Skincare Routines During Midlife
– Cleansing and Nourishing Routines
– Essential Oils and Natural Ingredients for Skincare
– Supplements for Skincare

Weeks 9 & 10

Module 5: Weigt Gain

  • Guide – A Complete Go-To 18 page guide.  In this guide we break down weight gain and how hormones affect weight gain. 
  • PowerPoint Presentation – with 45 slides to walk your clients through module 5 with ease.
  • Script – This client inspiring presentation comes complete with a done-for-you script!

1. Weight Gain During Midlife
– Factors Impacting Weight Gain During Midlife
2. Hormonal Changes and Metabolism
– Impact of Hormonal Fluctuations on Metabolism
– Metabolism-boosting Foods and Supplements
– Herbal Remedies and Natural Approaches for Metabolic Support
– How Changes in Estrogen and Progesterone Affect Weight Distribution
3. Nutritional Strategies for Weight Management
I- mportance of a Balanced Diet
– High-protein Diet Approach During Perimenopause and Menopause
– Mindful Eating Practices for Weight Management
4. Physical Activity and Exercise
– How Physical Activity and Regular Exercise Contribute to a Healthy Weight
5. Stress and Emotional Eating
– What is the link between stress, emotions, and weight gain?
6. Sleep and Weight Management
– Impact of Sleep on Metabolism
7. Body Positivity and Self-Acceptance
– Embracing a Positive Body Image During Midlife
– Self-acceptance and Embracing the Natural Aging Process

Weeks 11 & 12

Module 6: Stress and Self Care

  • Guide – A Complete Go-To 19 page guide.  In this guide we break down how important self care is through midlife and how stress impacts the hormones.
  • PowerPoint Presentation – with 54 slides to walk your clients through module 6 with ease.
  • Script – This client inspiring presentation comes complete with a done-for-you script!

1. What is stress?
– Signs of Stress
– Prevalence of Stress During Midlife Transitions
2. Hormonal Impact on Stress
– Hormonal Changes and Stress Levels
3. Importance of Stress Management on Blood Sugar during Midlife
4. Self Care during Midlife
– Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Techniques
– Breathing Techniques
– Emotional Well-being during Midlife
– Nutrition and Supplements for Stress Management
– Sleep and Stress Management
– Physical Activity and Stress Relief
– Slowing Down and Relaxation During Midlife
– Essential Oils for Relaxation

Personal Food Diary

A guaranteed smash hit and a key tool in changing eating habits, this powerful personal food diary can help you and your clients identify how they relate to their food. (Value $70)

Value for your clients: $9,214+

CLICK HERE for Payment Plan 3 x $433


2 Opt-in freebies with  Social images & Canva Template

Getting signups and keeping the attention of potential clients can be a major obstacle in a world where online business is built on great content, and info overload goes on offline, too. These great opt-ins deliver the perfect mix of value, length, and style to keep your list growing. (Value $500)

  • Losing Weight as a Woman in Her Prime – includes 10 social media images with editable Canva Template.
  • Sleep Hacks for Women in Midlife – includes 10 social media images with editable Canva Template.
2 PowerPoint presentations with scripts and Promotional Images
  • Losing Weight as a Woman in Her Prime – complete with Play by Play Script PLUS 5 promotional images with editable Canva template.
  • Sleep Hacks for Women in Midlife – complete with Play by Play Script PLUS 5 promotional images with editable Canva template.
Program Covers with Canva Template

The perfect cover for your biweekly ebooks that match the program AND the recipe guide. Nothing says pro like coordinating materials with a gorgeous look and great contents.  Edit the covers with the included Canva template for a branded program. (Value $500)

collage with Canva Template

Promote the heck out of your kickass new program with this collage. Add your branding with the included Canva template.  You’ve got options, coach. Exercise them. (Value $890)

14 email support sequence for forum or email client support

Great relationships are 9/10ths of business. This support sequence will you’re your clients feel loved, nurtured, understood, and like you’re holding their hand through every step of this 3-month program. (Value $500)

10 blog posts

Looking for the right words? You’ve found them (and saved a lot of hassle in the process). These 10 blog posts hit home with your audience, build credibility, drive search traffic and new clients to your site, and set you up as an authority in your field. Get out there and rock them – even if your biz is mostly offline! (Value $3,000)


  • 5 Natural Ways to Balance Hormones in Midlife
  • 3 Strategies for Mastering Blood Sugar Control After 40
  • 4 Tips for Achieving Restful Sleep During Menopause
  • 5 Simple Steps to Reduce Environmental Toxins in Your Home
  • 4 Essential Beauty Care Routines for Glowing Skin in Midlife


  • 5 Effective Ways to Manage Midlife Weight Gain
  • 3 Stress-Busting Techniques Every Midlife Woman Should Know
  • 4 Pillars of Self-Care for Thriving in Midlife
  • 3 Hormone-Balancing Skincare Tips for Women Over 40
  • 3 Strategies for Transforming Midlife Stress into Resilience
Kick off PowerPoint & Script

Get off to a great start with a PowerPoint that doesn’t fail to make a wonderful impression. Make it a webinar, a live event, bring the party and let your clients love you from day one. (Value $207)

A Rockin’ Sales Page From One of My FAVE Copywriters

You need to sell, sell, sell, but finding the right words to get your audience to buy? Leave that to an expert copywriter. Guaranteed to convert, this kickass sales page is one tool you don’t want to do without.(Value $999)

Social media launch kit

Social media is NOT everyone’s favorite. That’s why I built this social media launch kit. Edit your social media images with the Canva Template.  You’ll be a whiz at social in no time, with tons of signups and popular online events – even if you can’t stand social networking. (Value $2,835+)

60 Social Media Promotional Images. Topics Include:

  1. Hormones
  2. Blood Sugar
  3. Sleep
  4. Environmental Toxins and Beauty Care
  5. Weight Gain
  6. Stress and Self Care

Your Kit also includes 3 Flyers to Promote your Program

Epic. Just like you.

Imagine trying to write an 3-month program that completely flows and educates your clients on the physical, emotional, and spiritual changes needed for optimal health and wellness. How long would it take you?

How much time would you spend carefully researching, planning, writing, rewriting, designing, editing, and then adapting it to special diets?

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

Breathe easy. It’s all been done for you. Mastering Midlife is THE program for serious health coaches.

Specifically designed to cater to clients in ALL settings, this 3-month mega-program gives you the perfect materials for online and offline, 1:1, group coaching, and more.

Turn it into an ebook, send out meal suggestions, put the program online with your brand on it. THIS IS IT, Coach. It doesn’t get any bigger. Mastering Midlife is the largest, most intense program we’ve ever created:

  • 10 blog posts
  • 20 promotional images with Canva Template
  • 2 PowerPoints with scripts (you can even turn one into a FULL workshop!)
  • Launch kit
  • A rockin’ kickoff PowerPoint that’s perfect as a webinar, too
  • Tons of added features for ON and OFFLINE

How much time would you spend carefully researching, planning, writing, rewriting, designing, editing, and then adapting it to special diets?

Overwhelming, isn’t it?

Breathe easy. It’s all been done for you. Mastering Midlife is THE program for serious health coaches.

Specifically designed to cater to clients in ALL settings, this 12-week mega-program gives you the perfect materials for online and offline, 1:1, group coaching, and more.

Turn it into an ebook, send out meal suggestions, put the program online with your brand on it. THIS IS IT, Coach. It doesn’t get any bigger. Mastering Midlife is the largest, most intense program we’ve ever created:

Use the program with groups or singles, and add it as an offering to your other job or hobby. Got a massage therapy practice running? Selling essential oils? Are you a naturopathic doctor? Pro chef? Rock this program with your other skillsets, too!

Total value of MASTERING MIDLIFE™ = $9,214 + $15,975

That’s a HUGE value of $25,189 for just $1297!

Buy it. Brand it. Launch it.

This is how much it would cost for you to create this program






$300 per project

Recipe Developer


Social Media Manager




Mastering Midlife™

$ 1297

EVERYTHING you need for a kickass coaching practice, wrapped with a (virtual) bow.

Integrate MASTERING MIDLIFE™ into your business.

Your client list will explode, and your bank account will thank you.

You can grow your biz in many ways with MASTERING MIDLIFE™.

Consider this your cheat sheet.

Here are a few ways to set yourself apart OFFLINE (but DON’T stop with this list, sister – keep brainstorming!):

  • Host a workshop at your home. Teach clients how to MASTER MIDLIFE with workshops, presentations, and in-home events that drive signups in droves
  • Combine MASTERING MIDLIFE™ with another source of income like a chef, fitness trainer, massage therapist, etc.
  • Host a group retreat focused on a healthy, holistic whole foods lifestyle
  • Partner with your local gym and host a clean eating challenge
  • Launch with ROCKSTAR™ and PALEO™ for a rockin’ program your clients will love. Make this your signature offering and throw in a dash of your mojo to make it really pop.
  • Hookup with a chiro office or even a spa.
  • Build out a 6- or 12-month program for your clients.

Looking for tips on rocking the health coaching world ONLINE? These can get you started, but DON’T stop here. Keep innovating!

  • Host your own virtual whole foods cooking class.
  • Create YouTube videos and teach.
  • Run a challenge online, like a 7-Day Gut Lovin’ Foods Challenge.
  • Sell access to paid workshops
  • Host online group programs and charge for access.
  • Combine your mastermind program or wellness signature program with MASTERING MIDLIFE™ for a one-of-a-kind mega-program that delivers results, keeps your clients loving you, and provides measurable results.
  • Sell gluten-free, allergy-friendly recipes and suggested meals as e-products to build your list and sell higher-end products and programs to your clients.
  • Use the PPTs or bundle the opt-in freebies and sell the combo by itself as a great list builder. Tons of people will happily shell out the price of a latte for better health and wellness. This is perfect for your sales funnel, leading them to schedule a strategy session with you.
  • Turn the PowerPoints into paid workshops and make money while drawing new clients.
  • Switch up the content to create your own stream of endless veggie shopping lists, recipes, and handouts.
  • Host a series of online classes with the done-for-you PPTs. Educate and reach new potential clients by providing REAL value.
  • Build a reputation. People need to know that you know what you are talking about. End of story.

What happens when you buy

I send the materials right to your inbox, and you start editing your done for you program.
Then you share, share and share.

Your Time is now my friend...

Say YES to your success!

My name is Rachel A. Feldman

I am a kick-ass business coach for health and wellness professionals, who are sick and tired of having businesses that do not attract the ideal client or when they do, they do not have a system to teach them. I help them define niche, story, backstory, a system, and a leak-free business sales funnel. I had my own health struggles that lead me to be a health coach and then organically became a biz coach after my struggles and mastered my own leak free business funnel system. I went from making 13k to 6 figures by year 3 and now I am proud to say, I rock a business that feeds my soul, my spirit, and my family.


Most frequent questions and answers

For starters, I just didn’t come up with these programs on a whim because I thought they were the “in” thing to do. Before I became a business coach for health coaches and the creator of the Done-For-You Programs, I had an upstanding health coaching practice. I helped support hundreds of clients to reach their goals, uncover gut issues, lose weight, detox properly, break their sugar addiction, and restore their mind, body, and soul using the holistic principles from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I furthered my education at Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, the International School of Detoxification and Natalia Rose Advanced Detox Certification Training. I never stopped learning and I needed these programs for my own clients. These programs are tried and tested to give proven results. I base my programs on the teachings of many world-renowned health experts. When you purchase a Done-For-You Program you can rest assured that there have been 8,500+ health coaches before you who have built thriving practices using these programs. I’m here to support you in the group and so is my team. With us, you’re never alone.

We believe in the power of seasonal eating, which is why we create a different program every season, with new recipes, new social media, new content and deliver this program to you. We have seen coaches build and brand their business using the seasonal detox and clean eating program. If you have any questions, please contact us. The program DOES include seasonal grains and beans.

No worries, email us at [email protected] and we will help get you started on a prior season that works with your location. We have years of seasons waiting to be launched by you!

When you purchase a Done-For-You Program from you receive fully-editable files in .doc format. All you need is MS Office, specifically word to edit the client files. You can also purchase MS Office 365 for $9.99/month if needed. You can add your name to the copyright information and claim all this hard work as your very own. How awesome is that? All I ask is that you do not publish as an Amazon book, but I’m sure you knew that already because if that were the case everyone would have the same book. Please read the Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer Please.

Investing in yourself and in your business is always worth it. You can’t expect to grow as a business owner if you don’t have the programs you need, the time-saving tools to help you along the way, or the accountability to help guide you through the entire process. With us, you get all of the above plus materials that you can use at any time of the year – even with the detox as the opt in freebies or the power points can be used for your business year round.

Because these programs are instantly delivered to you without a waiting moment, you receive the digital files. Therefore, these programs are non-returnable and because of this, they are non-refundable. If you make a mistake during your purchase please contact [email protected] to resolve the matter.

It takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes it takes an entire team to help grow a health coaching business. You’re not a fraud! I encourage you to rename the programs you purchase, edit the files in your own voice, and add at least 15-20% of your personality anywhere throughout the documents. It’s ok to get help! I want you to coach more and do less of this “back-end” work. Don’t you?

For starters, you get additional support in our free groups! You get me, Rachel Feldman, and access to my team of educated and resourceful moderators from tech support to program launching support. You get it all, coach. I often do livestreaming in the groups to help you as well. If you’d like private one to one coaching then you can email [email protected] , and we’ll send you an application to see if we are a good fit. If you’d like to join Your Health Coach Launch School, you can do so by clicking here. The launch school is perfect for the coach who needs helpful support and would love to get it in a group setting. You can’t beat the value and price of the launch school.

If you need a straightforward, easy-to-sell program that works for all your clients, no matter what their unique needs, this is the one for you. It’s more than just another cookie-cutter cleanse program that puts too much pressure on your client – it’s a program designed to work for every body type, every need and even for every sensitivity.


The Basic option gives you the bare bones of the awesome program but not the business builders, such as the social media, pre-marketing email funnel, opt-in freebies, powerpoint presentations and more.

The Rockstar option gives you everything you need in your business to launch and market your business like a pro. We created the Rockstar option because we know what it takes to be a Rockstar health coach.

Refund Policy

Due to the nature of a downloadable product, we do not issue refunds. If you have questions about what product is right for you, please contact us via the chat box at the bottom of the page. Thank you for understanding, and we look forward to supporting you. Please make sure you have read our Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

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Want to be an affiliate? Sweet. You can rock the ripple effect and share the love with another wellness professional. Join our affiliate program and receive a referral for rockin’ the ripple effect and helping another wellness professional start their business with the right tools and the right community support. Click here to become an affiliate.

Important Notice: Your use and purchase from this site signifies your agreement with my Terms & Conditions and Product Disclaimer. If you do not agree with my Terms & Conditions and Product Disclaimer, please do not buy this product and close this website.

Mastering Midlife Program™ by Rachel Feldman is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. RE-SALE OF ALL PROGRAM MATERIALS IS PROHIBITED.