The only non-branded essential oil funnel system to help you get customers, maintain customers and earn residual income for life. It’s a proven natural complement to your health coaching and wellness business. Health coaches, you can finally integrate essential oils into your offerings to further support your clients in achieving their health goals holistically – without lifting a finger.

Adding a new dimension to your health coaching business can be a real challenge, but one that’s worthwhile, especially when you desire residual and passive income. Adding Essential Oils to your ongoing offering can make an enormous difference in your clients’ lives, and for your business – but it can also be overwhelming. Your days of not knowing how to add or sell essential oils in your health coaching practice are OVER.

Take your health coaching business to the next level and give your clients something more than they ever imagined with Essential Oils. Make them part of your signature offers, detoxes, clean-eating programs and more, and help your clients discover real, enhanced benefits they never thought possible.

Make this Done-For-You Essential Oil Complete Funnel and Course Builder Program your own by selling it as-is, or as a basis for online group coaching. Launch an e-course, hold at-home EO parties, turn this ready-to-use program into your new best offering and start turning your investment into RESIDUAL PROFIT.

Give your clients a wellness transformation like nothing they’ve ever experienced while boosting your sales with a done for you course that works.

Essential oils are so much more than just pleasant-smelling aromas – and if your clients don’t learn how to use them the right way, they won’t get the benefits or come back for refills.

You have an opportunity to give your clients more than they ever expected, and introduce them to the incredible benefits EOs can offer, so they turn into loyal repeat customers month after month.

Show your clients how to transform their health and wellbeing routines with Essential Oils so they fall in love with every drop and return every single month for more oils.

This done for you program is ready to go, to help you launch your education course and start making a profit now.

No spending hours studying every last benefit of every single oil.

No wasting money trying to get a personalized program written.

Not a minute wasted while you try to balance a full-time job, coaching career and EO business.

Start driving continuous income today, and focus on what you do best – sharing oils.

Here’s why choosing this done-for-you Essential Oils program is the perfect way to enhance your health coaching business:

  • You won’t waste time and energy trying to find the right way to educate your clients.
  • You won’t spend a small fortune on programs that don’t work because this one is not only effective, it’s affordable, too!
  • You won’t wear yourself out by trying to do everything, be everything or make everything happen – focus on your strengths, while we use ours to support you.

Download your done for you materials instantly:

  • Build your list with this attractive plug n’ play lead magnet
  • Make money by selling the guide as a low-cost tripwire
  • Funnel in clients by leading to your 1:1 coaching
  • Build your reputation by printing out the guide and using it to host a local workshop
  • Make money by charging a fee to access a private class on Essential Oils
  • Increase your clientele by offering a special for your 1:1 coaching

Quit being just another cookie-cutter coach selling the same old programs, and start being the coach who gives their clients long-term life-changing value. Every essential oil advocate turned their dream business into a success by offering an education course to nurture their customers and keep them returning for more oils. I’ve done all the hard work for you, all you have to do is plug ‘n’ play.

The Essential Oil Complete Funnel and Course Builder Program

Introduce your clients to the NEXT LEVEL in holistic health and wellness and turn them into life-long essential oil customers 

And all of it reflects your branding because it’s all copyright-free and totally customizable.


Want to know how to get and keep essential oil clients for life?

The secret is to make them fall in love with the power of essential oils.

You can work it like this, coach.

I’ve put together an entire done for you A-to-Z system to help you fill your essential oil business with happy, loyal customers so you can make residual income month after month.

  • Grow your list with our done for you opt-in freebie and webinar bundles.
  • Build trust through the done for you nurture email education sequence.
  • Get customers with our done for you education course.
  • Keep customers by making them fall in love with the power of essential oils.
  • Earn residual income for life – the simple, done for you way.

You’ll never find a done for you package like this – not one you can brand as your own.

Until now…

Here are just two ways to build your essential oil business with this done for you system:

Scenario #1:

1. Launch an opt-in freebie or webinar as a gateway to your program or course.
2. Enroll clients into your course or program.
3. Package the materials like this:
-Record the PowerPoint as a bonus class.
-Use the emails to educate your clients and add a video of yourself talking and walking them through it in each email.
-Deliver the guide and cheat sheets.
-Break the course down into 4 modules. You can record the videos by pulling the information from the guide you already have.
4. Voila! You can launch online in a jiffy!

Scenario #2:

1. Launch an opt-in freebie or webinar as a gateway to your program or course.
2. Lead clients to a session with you.
3. Sign them up as a customer.
4. Gift them the course for free when they purchase a kit worth over $500.
5. Voila! Residual income!

Ready to rock your essential oil business?

Get Immediate Access to what’s inside the Essential Oil Complete Funnel and Course Builder Program:

For Your Clients …

Give your clients great value and take all the credit, because everything is copyright-free and yours to claim:

  • The Essential Oil Guide is 38+ pages and 10,000+ words that teaches your clients everything they need to know to start using the most popular, most useful and best multi-purpose oils to boost their health and wellness routines right away. When your customers learn the powers of essential oils, they’ll keep coming back to try the latest new oil, and refill the ones they have. (Value $3000)
  • Healthy Home Essential Oils cheat sheet is a quick and easy reminder of which oils to use for what purposes. When your customers keep this in a place they see most, they’ll always be reminded of which oils to restock. (Value $100)
  • Essential Oil Daily Drip cheat sheet, so your clients can take this journey one step at a time, without feeling overwhelmed! You’ll ease them into falling in love with essential oils, but trust me – this is just the beginning. (Value $100)


PLUS, you get everything you need to set up a successful lead magnet or low-end offer to get loyal clients and make recurring money!

For Your Business …

And it’s not just your clients who get great benefits – your business gets the boost it needs to make killer sales and get your name the visibility it deserves!

  • 12-Email Education and Nurture Sequence: Educate your clients about the power, uses, and benefits of various popular Essential Oils. (Value $1200)

  • 20 PowerPoint Presentation Slides: These double-sided slides featuring various Essential Oils can either be delivered in PDF individually to use as opt-ins, added to your newsletters, or turned into JPEG images to share on social media to market your Essential Oil business. (Value $1000)
  • 10 Done-For-You Blogs on Essential Oils with pictures to make blogging easy as 1-2-3 that educate and empower your clients. (Value $750)

  • Opt-In Freebie eBook Guide: How To Easily Replace Your Toxic Household Cleaners with Essential Oils comes with the complete marketing kit, including: (Value $1000)
    • An opt-in page to increase your conversions
    • Follow-up email to build the trust factor
    • And a social media promo to capture attention in the news feed
    • Plus, a blog to promote your essential oil freebie

  • PowerPoint Workshop Presentation: Helping your clients to transform their health and home with Essential Oils is easy to do with this ready-to-use workshop kit, How To Replace Your Toxic Household Cleaners with Essential Oils, including: (Value $1500)
    • Presentation slides with all the research done for you
    • A script for you to follow so you know exactly what to say
    • An image banner to present your workshop like a pro
    • Three social media promo images to capture the attention in the news feed
    • Follow-up email to build the trust factor
    • Table-top sign-up to capture the contact information of those interested in learning more
    • Table-top essential oil display to showcase your event locally if you desire

  • 20 Social Media images to create awareness, promote your business and help educate clients about Essential Oils (Value $1000)
  • How to Use This Program manual: an all-in-one guide that teaches exactly how to use this done-for-you program to launch and grow a successful Essential Oils business. (Value $500)

Total Value is well over $10,150.

But – you get everything you need to create a sustainable essential oil business for ONLY $477.  

Essential Oils Complete Funnel & Course Builder™
Full Pay


CLICK HERE for payment plan 3 x $159

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What if there was a simple solution?

It’s all been done for you already – the research, the planning, the writing and the designing – all you need to do is sell it and reap the rewards. The best part? You can get started with just the click of a button.

When you download your materials you can instantly do this online:

  • Build your list with this attractive plug n’ play lead magnet
  • Make money by selling the guide as a low-cost tripwire
  • Funnel in clients by leading to your 1:1 coaching
  • Create an education course that makes you passive income while you sleep

When you download your materials you can instantly do this offline:

  • Build your reputation by printing out the guide and using it to host a local workshop
  • Make money by charging a fee to access a private class on Essential Oils
  • Increase your clientele by offering a special for your 1:1 coaching
  • Host an at-home EO party and give away the materials with certain purchase orders


My name is Rachel Feldman

I created this program for you because I know what a challenge it can be to introduce your clients to new concepts, new ideas, new ways to boost, supplement and complement their health, while completely avoiding those programs that don’t educate them properly.

Isn’t it about time you started seeing some real returns on your Essential Oils business? Grab this opportunity to get your business growing right now and enjoy the rewards of a wise investment.

When you buy this program, say hello to:

  • More freedom to enjoy your life because the hard work is done for you
  • More clients to use your essential oils because they’ll have everything they need to get started and hire you
  • More cash to finally live your dream life because freedom and money go hand in hand

When you buy this program, say goodbye to:

  • Lost time trying to gather all this information for yourself
  • Investment loss because you deserve to have your investments turn into profit
  • Stress because everything, and I mean everything, is absolutely done for you


They deserve it, and so do you!

There are other ways to use this program, too. But don’t take my word for it. Let’s see what other coaches like you have to say:

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Get your Essential Oils business off the ground right here, right now for ONLY $477.


Essential Oils Complete Funnel & Course Builder™
Full Pay


CLICK HERE for payment plan 3 x $159

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What happens when you buy?

I’ll send you an email with your private membership access to download your materials. All you have to do is edit as little or as much as you’d like, launch, and sell your done-for-you program. It’s that simple! If you’ve got questions, you’ll also get access to my support group for any health coach who has ever purchased a Done-For-You Program.

It’s your turn to get clients and get paid.


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Hey, freedom-searching coach. I’m Rachel Feldman; long-time 6-figure Health Coach turned Business Niche Coach.

I’m the bold, brazen creator of the Health Coach Done For You Programs. I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, the International School of Detoxification and Natalia Rose Advanced Detox Certification Training. I’ve been featured in Florida Man and Woman magazine, Mind Body Green, Williams & Sonoma blog, Ripe & Ready, The Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Forbes, and many others. I am also a featured business educator at the Hippocrates Health Institute.

For years, I struggled with chronic health issues. While digging into the root cause of my own health struggles, I discovered the power of clean eating and detoxing. Clean eating and detoxing became the foundation for my own health transformation, and also the core of my own health coach practice and the Done For You Programs. After building my health coaching business from bare bones to six figures, I expanded my mission to help new coaches follow suit and create their own thriving success. I created these programs for health coaches so they could spend less time creating and more time coaching clients.

To date, I’ve helped over 8,500 coaches finally turn a profit, book more clients, and sell out programs of their own. I am beyond passionate about creating a world with less sickness and more happiness, whether I’m behind the scenes helping other health coaches spread their message and their work with the Done For You Programs or coaching clients how to launch the programs and their business successfully. Even though I’m always on the go, teaching, speaking on podcasts and summits, I always make time for a green smoothie, chocolate at noon, and a cuddle session with my hubby and kids.

I’m here to give you REAL TOOLS to build a business that gives you FREEDOM.

So prepare yourself, coach. I’m ready to reveal every juicy detail of my business success story AND help you crush it online and offline.

Do you still have questions? Please check the FAQ page for answers to common questions.

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